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Brazil's ex-leader honored as scholar

May 14, 2012
Paulo Sotero, director of the Brazil Institute, discusses the Library of Congress's decision to award former former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso the John W. Kluge Prize.

The Brazilian Challenge: How to Manage Asymmetrical Regional Relations Beyond the OAS

May 12, 2012
View the latest article by Paulo Sotero, director of the Brazil Institute in the most recent issue of Revista CIBOD d'afers internacionals.

Egypt’s Islamist Group: From Terrorism to Politics

May 10, 2012
After three decades underground, Gamaa al Islamiyya (the Islamic Group) has emerged as a formal political player vying for a role in shaping the new order in Egypt. Its evolution—from fighting for God’s rule in Egypt to embracing man-made government—reflects the wider transformation of Islamist movements in the Arab world’s most populous state.

Egypt’s Islamists: A Growing Divide

May 10, 2012
The divide between Egypt’s two most powerful Islamist groups appears to be deepening five months after the country’s first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections. The Muslim Brotherhood, the nation’s oldest Islamist organization, now faces a growing challenge from the younger and ultra-conservative Salafi movement...

The stars align at Canada's recent university mission to Brazil

May 10, 2012
Public Policy Scholar Ted Hewitt discusses the Brazil-Canada education relationship