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Fellow Probes Pipeline Project Woes in Chad

Feb 02, 2011
When the massive oil pipeline project began in Chad, social protections were supposed to be part of the deal. Instead, in this poor African nation, hundreds of thousands of people were uprooted, losing their land and livelihoods. Wilson Center Fellow Lori Leonard explores some of the shortcomings of what is one of Africa's largest public-private development projects.

The Race for Caspian Gas

Feb 02, 2011
When European Commission President José Manuel Barroso visited Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan in mid-January, he might as well have sounded the starting gun in the final sprint to secure Caspian natural gas for European consumers, writes Alexandros Petersen, adviser to the Wilson Center's European Energy Security Initiative.

Wilson Center Launches European Energy Security Initiative

Feb 01, 2011
The Wilson Center's new European Energy Security Initiative will host seminars and fellows to delve into issues critical to Europe's energy dynamics which, in turn, affect the economic and security policies of many parts of the globe.

Robin Wright Discusses Egypt Protests on CNN's "The Situation Room"

Jan 28, 2011
USIP-Wilson Center Distinguished Scholar Robin Wright appeared on "The Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer on January 27 to discuss the protests in Egypt and their impact on the Middle East. Read the transcript of the interview here.

New Document Reader - The Euromissiles Crisis and the End of the Cold War: 1977-1987

Jan 26, 2011
The Nuclear Proliferation International History Project is pleased to announce its first document reader, produced in collaboration with the Cold War International History Project and entitled The Euromissiles Crisis and the End of the Cold War: 1977-1987.