China is witnessing the largest migration in human history: More than 300 million people will move to China’s cities in the next 20 years. Many of China’s new cities and developments feature mega-blocks, 10-lane expressways, and urban sprawl that resemble much of U.S. urban development patterns. Without appropriate urban planning, design, and construction focused on sustainable development, the consequence of this massive urbanization in energy, emissions, and livability could be dire for China, and the world. 

Fortunately, China’s national government and an increasing number of local leaders recognize the imprudence of this development pattern and seek a low-carbon development approach. The work of the China Sustainable Energy Program of the Energy Foundation is aimed at promoting sustainable urban development that focuses on people and encourages compact, mixed-use, and transit-oriented development, as well as green transportation systems.


  • Jiang Lin

    Senior Vice President of the Energy Foundation and Chairman of the Energy Foundation's China Sustainable Energy Program