This conference will be held OFFSITE at Trinity College, Cambridge

The Centre of South Asian Studies at the Univeristy of Cambridge in collaboration with LSE Ideas is pleased to announce "Negotiating Independence: New Directions in the History of Decolonization and the Cold War" a two-day conference to be held on 3-4 May 2013 at Trinity College, Cambridge.

The advent of decolonization, particularly after the Second World War, shares more than a chronological partnership with the Cold War. While the general economic, political, social, and ideological connections between decolonization and the Cold War have been acknowledged, a more detailed interrogation of the confluence of these two phenomena is now beginning to emerge. The aim of this conference is to draw together Cold War historians and imperial historians in a scholarly discussion that is too often designated into separate fields of study.

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  • Andrew Arsan, University of Cambridge
  • Chris Bayly, University of Cambridge
  • Anna Belogurova, Nanyang Technological University
  • William Carruthers, University of Cambridge
  • Matt Connelly, Columbia University
  • Caroline Elkins, Harvard University
  • Daniel Haines, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Hannah Higgin, University of Cambridge
  • Ryan Irwin, University at Albany
  • Leslie James, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Hannah Jansen, Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Elisabeth Leake, University of Cambridge
  • Piers Ludlow, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Duncan MacEachern Yoon, UCLA
  • Paul McGarr, University of Nottingham
  • Chris Miller, Yale University
  • S. Ani Mukherji, Nazarbayev University
  • Philip Murphy, Institute of Commonwealth Studies
  • Patrick Neveling, Historical Institute, Berne
  • Hang Nguyen, University of Kentucky
  • Paul Ocobock, University of Notre Dame
  • Susan Pennybacker, University of North Carolina
  • Andrew Preston, University of Cambridge
  • Oscar Sanchez, University of Macau
  • Naaborko Sackeyfio, Dartmouth College
  • Benjamin Siegel, Harvard University
  • Moshik Temkin, Harvard University
  • Martin Thomas, University of Exeter
  • Simon Toner, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Arne Westad, London School of Economics and Political Science