B.A. Arabic Languages, College of Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University; M.A. (1975) and Ph.D. (1980) Islamic History, College of Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University


  • Founder and President of the International Quranic Center, Springfield, VA, 2006-present
  • Co-founder and Interim President of Center for Islamic Pluralism, Washington D.C., 2004
  • Moderator, Weekly Conference of Ibn Khaldoun Center, Cairo, Egypt, 1996-2000


Political science, international affairs, religions, Islam, terrorism

Project Summary

My project will focus on how U.S. policy makers can understand and win the "war of ideas" against jihadi terrorists. Drawing on my own three decades of research about the history and practice of Islam, I will explore how the United States can effectively reach out to the majority of Muslims around the world and to empower those who use the religious texts of Islam to reject violence and to support democracy and pluralism in their societies. My research will first provide background on jihadi religious culture and history. I will then focus on the religious texts themselves in order to discredit this ideology and jihadi's use of violence in the name of Islam. Finally, I will offer policy recommendations on a) how the United States can ultimately confront militant jihadis, who recruit and train thousands of young Muslim youth around the globe; and b) how the U.S. can effectively reach out to the rest of the Islamic world.

Major Publications

  • The Penalty of Apostasy in Islam. Tiba Publishing, Cairo, 1992.
  • Ibn Khaldoun Introduction: A Fundamental Historical and Analytical Study. The Ibn Khaldoun Center, Cairo, 1999.
  • The Prophets in the Holy Quran. Cairo, 1985.