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Alvin Lin

    Professional affiliation

    Director, China Climate and Energy Policy, Natural Resource Defense Council Beijing Office

    Full Biography

    Alvin Lin is China Climate and Energy Policy Director in the Natural Resource Defense Council’s Beijing office, focusing on analysis and policy advocacy around China’s climate and clean energy policies. His work covers a broad range of issues, including the environmental and health impacts of coal consumption, energy efficiency and renewable energy, the climate negotiations, HFCs, and air pollution policies and laws. He has a B.A. from Yale University, M. Phil. from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and J.D. from NYU School of Law.  Prior to joining NRDC, he worked as a litigator and judicial clerk in New York. 

    林明彻 是自然资源保护协会(NRDC)中国气候与能源政策主任,常驻NRDC北京办公室。他的工作主要关注于分析中国的气候与清洁能源政策,包括煤炭使用对环境与公众健康的影响、能效和可再生能源、气候谈判、HFCs与大气污染治理政策。林先生持有耶鲁大学学士学位,香港中文大学硕士学位,以及纽约大学法学院法律博士学位。在加入NRDC之前,他曾在律师事务所担任商业诉讼律师,并为纽约的联邦法官担任助理。