Born and early 7 years in Japan, educated in Basel, studied history and political science in Zuerich and Lausanne; life long work as journalist since 18th year of age; specialist of direct democracy in science (research in Berlin and Stanford),engagement (coauthor of many popular initiatives against the army, in favour Swiss-UN-membership), teaching at german and other universities from 1992-2017); 24 years member of the Swiss Parliament (House of Representatives); 21 year member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strassbourg (44 reports; 99 election-observations, 8 years leader of the socialdemocratic group and member of the leading institutions). Autor of many books of Direct Democracy, Crises of Democracy, Europe and Democracy.

Project Summary

Direct Democracy in Switzerland and in the 24 US-especially Western-States have a lot in common. They are within a time-delay of 30 years the product of similar populist and progressive movements; similar causes, similar hopes , similar reforms. In their respective histories and although the culture of their implementation in the political system and many context-factors are rather different they were confronted with similar problems and provoked similar critiques. I gather them and anlayse them and show, that the strengths of one mirrors the weaknesses of the other, so there would be a lot of room for common learning and improvements.

Major Publications

"Die unvollendete Direkte Demokratie; 1984-2015:Texte ueber die Schweiz hinaus " (400p/2016)
le Mosaique de la Democractie (weekly columnes in the dayly Quotidien Jurassien since Nov.2016)
The design determines the quality, in: Pallinger ua, Direct Democracy in Europe, Wiesbaden 2007