Dr. Benjamin Adeniran Aluko attended the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, where he obtained degrees in Philosophy and Peace and Conflict Studies. His Ph.D. thesis, titled Civil Society and Post-Conflict Peace-building in Liberia, was completed in December 2010. Between March 2007 and August 2011, Aluko was at the Lead-City University, Ibadan, Nigeria, where he taught both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Department of Politics and International Relations. In September 2011, he joined the Peace and Conflict Studies Programme at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, where he teaches postgraduate students Peace and Conflict Studies related courses such as The Fundamentals of Peace-building and Development, the Problems of Peace-making and Peace-keeping, the Principles and Philosophy of Peace and Conflict Studies, Democracy and Human Rights, etc. He has attended and presented papers at many international conferences.

He is a Southern Voices Network for Peacebuilding Scholar at the Wilson Center.

Project Summary

The study focuses on how we may construct and make functional in Nigeria an accountable and transparent mechanism of political financing necessary for restoring public confidence and good governance. The project is grounded on the following hypotheses: (1) That there is a nexus between the high incidence of corruption and the endemic crisis of governance in Nigeria and (2) that political financing has become a channel through which state resources are appropriated for private accumulation. Against this backdrop, the study stresses that broad-based electoral reforms and reinvented state institutions are germane to the construction and promotion of good governance and sustainable peace in Nigeria.

Major Publications

Enhancing Parliamentary Oversight for Effective Security Sector Reform in Democratic Nigeria, Ghana Journal of Developmental Studies, GIDS, Vol. 12, No. 1 & 2, 2015, 177-194

Vision and Trust as Vital Elements for Confronting Leadership and Governance Crises in Nigeria, Ibadan Journal of Peace and Development, Volumes 5 & 6, May 2015, 85-97

"The Crisis of Public Policy in a Plural Society: The Nigerian Experience," in Isaac O. Albert & Is-haq O. Oloyede (eds) Dynamics of Peace Processes, Ilorin, Center for Peace and Strategic Studies, 2010. 127-138