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Kenneth Høegh

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Head of Greenland Representation, Washington, DC

    Full Biography

    Mr. Kenneth Høegh has vast experience and knowledge within Arctic matters. As a Greenland national Mr. Høegh was born in 1966 in South Greenland in Narsaq, and dedicated his early career to rural development in this region as well as internationally. He served as an advisor in the Government of Greenland, followed by posts to Nepal, Bangladesh and Vietnam, with a focus on Government to Government projects on rural development. Upon his return, Mr. Høegh worked as Deputy CEO/Acting CEO at Kujalleq Municipality in South Greenland, before he became Deputy Minister, within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Government of Greenland. In August 2021, he was posted to the Greenland Representation Washington D.C. Mr. Høegh has acquired in depth experience and knowledge within Greenland and the Arctic, Greenlandic social and business conditions, the Kingdom's foreign and security policy in the Arctic, including in particular bilateral cooperation between Greenland, Denmark and the United States. Mr. Høegh has a large network around Greenlandic society as well as networks in Nordic, Greenlandic-American and Arctic cooperation, and also has experience within tourism development, fisheries policy, infrastructure development and natural resource management. In his personal life he is married to Pitsi Høegh and has four children and two grandchildren.