Robin Shakibaie studies International Relations and History at the University of Erfurt. He volunteered for 12 months at the German service of pedagogical exchange in Armenia and interned at the chambers of commerce of Iran, Georgia and Armenia. Most recently he spent a semester abroad at the Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris. Robin spends his free time playing the guitar, travelling and learning languages. He speaks German, English, French, Persian and has a good level in Armenian and Ivrit. Currently he is learning Arabic and Russian.

Project Summary

Regarding recent developments in West Asian politics, e.g. the Levante-crisis, the Qatar-blockade, and the Kurdistan referendum for independence, it is important to understand the history of the region, the mutual relations of its states and specific dynamics. By elaborating theoretical concepts as “globalization”, “modernity” and “development”, and localizing them in the context of the East-West and North-South debate it is aimed to approach especially Iranian foreign relations and the Islamic Republic’s international integration. Also, the debate of security studies within international relations will play a part in this regard. By paying attention to the post-positivist approaches to the academic field of international relations, it remains to analyze historical narratives and historiographic discourses surrounding Iranian integration to the international system.