Russia's Public Health Catastrophe in Chechnya

June 12, 2006 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Khassan Baiev, author, Grief of my Heart: Memoirs of a Chechen Surgeon; Nicholas Daniloff, Professor, School of Journalism, Northeastern University

Religion in Russian Society: State Policy, Regional Challenges, and Individual Rights

June 09, 2006 // 2:00pm4:00pm
Aleksei Malashenko, Program Co-Chair, Religion, Society, and Security, Carnegie Moscow Center; Alexander Bogomolov, Vice President, Association of Middle East Studies, Ukraine ; Vladimir Ryakhovsky, Co-chairman and President, Slavic Center for Law and Justice

HIV/AIDS in Eurasia: Context, Policy, Research

June 08, 2006 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT); Craig Calhoun, President, Social Science Research Council; Jennifer Cooke, Co-director, Africa Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C.; Robert Heimer, Associate Professor, School of Public Health, Yale UniversityVideo of this event is now available.

Georgia: Problems and Prospects

June 05, 2006 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Richard Miles, Executive Director, Open World Leadership Center, Washington, D.C.; Chair, Kennan Institute Advisory Council; and former U.S. Ambassador to Georgia, to Bulgaria, and to Azerbaijan

Decentralization - Bad; Recentralization - Worse? What Failed Health Care Reforms Tell Us about the Russian State

May 30, 2006 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Alexandra Vacroux, Title VIII-Supported Research Scholar, Kennan Institute

Russian Civil Society: A Critical Assessment

May 23, 2006 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Alfred B. Evans, Jr., Professor, Department of Political Science, California State University, Fresno; Laura Henry, Assistant Professor, Department of Government and Legal Studies, Bowdoin College; Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Russia's Foreign Policy Assertiveness and What's Behind It

May 22, 2006 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Andrei Tsygankov, Associate Professor, International Relations/Political Science, San Francisco State University

Voting for Russia's Governors: Regional Elections and Accountability under Yeltsin and Putin

May 15, 2006 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Andrew Konitzer, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Austin College

POSTPONED The Russian Perspective on Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism

May 10, 2006 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Val Spector, President, International Academy of Sciences on Problems of National Security, Moscow

Putin and the Russian Tradition: Illiberal but Democratic?

May 09, 2006 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Hugh Ragsdale, independent scholar; Paul Stephan, Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Professor of Law, University of Virginia; Allen Lynch, Professor, Department of Politics, University of Virginia; Jack Matlock, Sol Linowitz Professor of International Relations, Hamilton College, and former U.S. Ambassador to the USSR


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