After Reform: Iran's Political Alternatives

February 21, 2003 // 7:30am9:00am
Morad Saghafi, Goft-o-goo Quarterly magazine and Siamak Namzi, Atieh-Bahar consulting firm (Tehran)

Prospects for Democratic Change in Iraq

January 14, 2003 // 11:00pm
Barham Salih, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government

On the Ground in Afghanistan: Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Civil Society Participation

January 08, 2003 // 11:00pm
Rina Amiri, Political Affairs Officer, United NationsAssistance Mission in Afghanistan

FILM--Kofi Annan: Center of the Storm

January 06, 2003 // 11:00pm
Discussion with Leslie Norman, and Sara Colt, David Grubin Productions, and Johanna Mendelson Forman, Senior Program Officer for the Peace, Security and Human Rights Program at the United Nations Foundation.

Combating Human Trafficking: Key Approaches

January 05, 2003 // 11:00pm
Ambassador Nancy Ely-Raphel, Former Director, Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons, US Department of State; Andrea Bertone, Associate Director, College Park Scholars International Studies, Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland – College Park; Emek Uçarer, Assistant Professor of International Relations, Bucknell University; Mohamed Mattar, Co-Director, The Protection Project of the Foreign Policy Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies; Keith Sherper, Independent Consultant; Ruth Pojman, Anti-trafficking Advisor, Europe and Eurasia Bureau, USAID; Christina Arnold, Director, Project HOPE International

Book Launch and Discussion of The Heart of War

December 16, 2002 // 11:00pm
Gwyn Prins, Alliance Professor jointly at the London School of Economics and Political Science and at Columbia University, New York; Colonel Paul D. Hughes, Senior Military Fellow, Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University

Preventing the Next Wave of Conflict: Understanding Non-Traditional Threats to Global Security

December 11, 2002 // 11:00pm
Joseph Collins, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Stability Operations, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict, Department of Defense; James Steinberg, Vice President and Director of Foreign Policy Studies, Brookings Institution; David McIntyre, Deputy Director, ANSER Institute for Homeland Security

Democracy Promotion or "Democracy by Force": Past Uses and Implications for the Future.

December 09, 2002 // 11:00pm
Elizabeth Clark, Georgetown University; Dr. Marina S. Ottaway, Carnegie Endowment; and Dr. Judith Yaphe, National Defense University & Goucher College.

Preventing the Next Wave of Conflict: Understanding Non-Traditional Threats to Global Security - Health

November 13, 2002 // 11:00pm
Michael Moodie, co-founder and President of the Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute (CBACI)

Bringing Women to the Table: Identifying Strategies for Enhancing the Role of Women in Peace Processes Around the World

November 12, 2002 // 11:00pm
Farida Azizi, Senior Advisor for the Afghan Women's Program with the Vital Voices Global Partnership; Rita Manchanda, Senior Program Executive for the South Asian Forum for Human Rights (SAFHR); Sabine Sabimbona, Member of Parliament; Burundi; Thandi Modise, Chair of the Portfolio Committee on Defense and the Joint Standing Committee on Defense, Parliament of South Africa