New Book Discussion: Age of Fracture

January 12, 2011 // 2:00pm4:00pm
Author Daniel Rodgers, Henry Charles Lea Professor of History, and Director, Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies; John Judis, Senior Editor, The New Republic; Michael Kimmage, Associate Professor of History, Catholic University

U.S. Energy Security Policy: A Global Perspective

January 11, 2011 // 9:00am10:00am
"Open energy markets—which is the ability of oil and gas to flow to the purchaser—is really the core of our energy security," said David Goldwyn, the State Department's special envoy for international energy affairs. Making sure markets are open, fair, and transparent is one of five tenets of the administration's global energy security agenda that he discussed at a January 11 Director's Forum.

Oil and World Power

November 29, 2010 // 3:00pm4:30pm
David Painter, Associate Professor of History, Department of History and Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

New Book Discussion: The Performance of Politics: Obama's Victory and the Democratic Struggle for Power

November 18, 2010 // 2:00pm4:00pm
Jeffrey Alexander, Sociology, Yale University; David Greenberg, Wilson Center Fellow and Associate Professor of History and of Journalism and Media Studies, Rutgers University

Lecture: Due Process and Detention

November 12, 2010 // 11:30am12:30pm
Ruth Wedgwood, Edward B. Burling Professor of International Law and Diplomacy, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Terrorism and the Rule of Law: Perspectives from Israel and the United States

November 12, 2010 // 9:00am10:00am
The mounting threat of terrorism poses legal challenges to democratic societies. How can they effectively interrogate and detain suspected terrorists, while still protecting basic human rights? Experts from Israel and the United States discussed the challenges of providing an adequate legal framework for contending with the new threat posed by international terrorism in the 21st century and options for future progress.

Book Launch: Washington's U Street: A Biography

November 02, 2010 // 4:00pm6:00pm
Author Blair Ruble, Director, Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center; Maurice Jackson, Associate Professor of History, Georgetown University; Moderator Philippa Strum, Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center

New Book Discussion: Daniel Patrick Moynihan: A Portrait in Letters of an American Visionary

October 28, 2010 // 5:30pm7:30pm
Author Steve Weisman, Editorial Director and Public Policy Fellow, The Peterson Institute; Commentators: Polly Trottenberg, Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy; Todd Purdum, Editor, Vanity Fair; Sidney Blumenthal, Journalist and Author

New Book Discussion: The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History

October 25, 2010 // 3:00pm5:00pm
Author Samuel Moyn, Professor of History, Columbia University; Commentators Jerry Z. Muller, Professor of History, Catholic University; Rosa Brooks, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Rule of Law and Humanitarian Policy

New Book Discussion: Gaming the World: How Sports are Reshaping Global Politics and Culture

October 18, 2010 // 12:00pm2:00pm
Author Andrei S. Markovits, Karl W. Deutsch Collegiate Professor of Comparative Politics and German Studies, University of Michigan; Commentator Franklin Foer, Editor, The New Republic