The Future of the University/ Universities of the Future

June 21, 2010 // 10:00am4:00pm
Inwon Choue, President, Kyung Hee University, Korea; James Duderstadt, University of Michigan; Kiyofumi Kawaguchi, Chancellor, Ritsumeikan University, Japan; John King, Vice Provost for Strategy, University of Michigan; Koïchiro Matsuura, Former Director-General, UNESCO; William Pepicello, President, University of Phoenix

Book Discussion: Freedom Is Not Enough: The Moynihan Report and America's Struggle Over Black Family Life—From LBJ to Obama

June 11, 2010 // 11:00am12:30pm
James T. Patterson, Ford Foundation Professor of History Emeritus, Brown University

Changing the Odds Beyond Borders: Adapting the Harlem Children's Zone Model in Hungary, Day 2

June 08, 2010 // 9:00am6:15pm
Erika Csovcsics, Gandhi Lyceum, Pécs; Tarsha Black, Director, HCZ: Booker T. Washington Beacon 54; Emoke Bányai, Family Help Center, Magdolna District, Józsefváros; Debbie Gonzalez, HCZ: Preventive Services; Jazmine Lewis, Harlem Peacemaker, Fifth Grade Institute, Cut Above Programs; András K. Kádár, Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Budapest; Latasha Morgan, Harlem Children's Zone Community Center and NYCHA Satellite Programs; Angéla Kóczé, Szikszó Roma Community Program, Szikszó; Katherine Newman, Dept. of Sociology, Princeton University; James Horton, HCZ: Employment and Technology Center; Anna Csongor, Autonómia Foundation, Budapest; Mizetta Johnson, HCZ: Learn to Earn; Nóra Teller, Metropolitan Research Institute, Budapest; István Gyarmati, President, Foundation for Euro- Atlantic Integration and Democracy,Budapest; Raymond Shonholtz, Partners for Democratic Change, Washington, D.C.; Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO, Harlem Children's Zone; Laura Samberg, Member of the HCZ Board of Trustees; Mindy Miller, HCZ; George Khaldun, HCZ; Júlia Gádoros, Vadaskert Clinic, Budapest; Júlia Szalai, Professor, CEU and Project Lead, Rising Kids Zone, Hungary; Béla Szombati, Ambassador, Embassy of Hungary; Benjamin L. Cardin , Senator, Chairman of the U.S. Helsinki Commission

Neoconservatism: The Biography of a Movement

June 07, 2010 // 3:00pm5:00pm
Justin Vaïsse, Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy and Director of Research, Center on the United States and Europe, Brookings Institution; James Mann, Author-in-Residence, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University; Samuel F. Wells, Jr., Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center

Changing the Odds Beyond the Border: Adapting the Harlem Children's Zone Model in Hungary, Day 1

June 07, 2010 // 8:30am7:00pm
Video Message from Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State; Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO, Harlem Children's Zone; Michael H. Posner, Assistant Secretary, Department of State;Júlia Szalai, Professor, CEU and Project Lead, Rising Kids Zone, Hungary; Béla Szombati, Ambassador, Embassy of Hungary; Shana Brodnax, HCZ: Early Childhood Programs; Júlia Gádoros, Vadaskert Clinic, Budapest; Lívia Járóka, Member, European Parliament (FIDESZ); Marilyn Joseph, HCZ: The Baby College; Ágnes Kende, Program Against Child Poverty, HAS, Budapest; Brian McClendon, Promise Academy Elementary After School Programs; Alice O'Connor, Department of History, UC Washington Center; Daryl Rock, HCZ Promise Academy Charter School; László Szabó, Children's Health Center, Miskolc; Léna Szilvási, Sure Start Program Center, Budapest; Eszter Varsa, Department of Gender Studies, CEU, Budapest; Rita Izsák, designated Deputy State Secretary of Roma Affairs; Lívia Járóka, Member, European Parliament (FIDESZ); George Soros, Founder of Open Society Institute (OSI); Sonya Michel, Director, United States Studies, Woodrow Wilson Center; Margaret B. Spencer, University of Chicago

Panel Discussion: The European Way for America?

May 20, 2010 // 3:00pm5:00pm
Steven Hill, Director of Political Reform Program, New America Foundation; Kimberly Morgan, Political Science, George Washington University; Mitchell Orenstein, School for Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Separation of Powers in Russia and Ukraine: A Comparative Perspective

May 18, 2010 // 1:00pm5:30pm
Sonya Michel, Director, U.S. Studies, Woodrow Wilson Center; Louis Fisher, Constitutional Law Specialist, Law Library, Library of Congress; Fernando Limongi, Professor of Political Science, University of São Paulo; Jeffrey Anderson, Graf Goltz Professor and Director of the BMW Center for German and European Studies, Georgetown University; William Pomeranz, Deputy Director, Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center; Oleg Rumyantsev, President, Foundation for Constitutional Reforms; Oleksandr Zadorozhnii, Professor of Public International Law, Institute of International Relations, Tara Shevchenko National University of Kyiv; Maria Popova, Assistant Professor of Political Science, McGill University

Conference: Muslim Political Integration in the United States and Germany

May 03, 2010 // 8:45am5:00pm
Co-sponsored with the American Institute for Contemporary German StudiesSpeakers: Nahed Samour, Humboldt Universität/IMPRS for Comparative Legal History; Corey Sailor, Council on American-Islam Relations; Juliane Hammer, George Mason University; Jen'nan Read, Duke University; Abdulkader H. Sinno, Indiana University; Andreas Wüst, Universität Mannheim; Susana Dos Santos Herrmann, SPD Köln; Samuel J. Rascoff, New York University School of Law; Sabine Riedel, SWP; James Zogby, Arab American Institute

They Also Serve: Military Families and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

April 30, 2010 // 9:00am5:00pm
Brig. Gen. Loree Sutton, Director of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE) and Nancy Sherman, Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University, and Author, The Untold War: Inside the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of Our Soldiers; Jennifer Mittelstadt, Associate Professor of History, Penn State University; Douglas Wilson, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs; John Allen Williams, President, Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society; René Bardorf, Executive Director, ReMIND; Lynda Davis, Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense of Military Community and Family Policy; Lory Manning, Director, Women in the Military Project, Women's Research and Education Institute; Bill White, President, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund; Kathy Roth-Douquet, Chair, Blue Star Families; Shelly MacDermid Wadsworth, Director, Military Families Research Center, Purdue University; Mary Keller, Executive Director, Military Child Education Coalition; Joyce Wessel Raezer, Executive Director, National Military Family Association

Law in the 21st Century: Enduring Traditions, Emerging Challenges

April 28, 2010 // 4:30pm6:30pm
Anita L. Allen, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania Law School; Paul Schiff Berman, Dean and Foundation Professor of Law, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University; Jamie Gorelick, Partner, WilmerHale and Former Deputy Attorney General of the United States; Beth Simone Noveck, United States Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Director, White House Open Government Initiative