2015 Brazil Institute Awards Dinner

Oct 06, 2015
The Brazil Institute is proud to announce the recipients of the 2015 Woodrow Wilson Awards Dinner

As Brazil's Rouseff Reels From Crisis, Opportunity for Reform Emerges

Oct 02, 2015
Brazil Institute Advisory Board member Carlos Eduardo Lins da Silva weighs in on the current political and economic situation gripping Brazil.

The Petrobras Scandal: Year in Review 2015

Sep 17, 2015
Director Paulo Sotero discusses the ongoing corruption scandal involving Petrobras.

Brazil's Rousseff - is this the beginning of the end? A new poll suggests it is

Sep 16, 2015
In his latest piece for the Financial Times, director Paulo Sotero analyzes recent polling on the state of President Dilma Rousseff's government.

Crisis in Brazil Leads to Gridlock with No End in Sight

Sep 09, 2015
Director Paulo Sotero gives his take on the ongoing crisis in Brazil.

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