Chasing China: Why an Economic Agreement with China Is Necessary for Canada’s Continued Prosperity

Feb 10, 2016
China’s growing economy represents an opportunity for Canada to improve trade relations and benefit economically from a consistent partnership with China crafted through the creation of an economic agreement.

Canada should focus on NAFTA and Mexico

Feb 10, 2016
In order grow its economy, the Canadian government ought to take the low-risk, high reward option of focusing on trade and investment within NAFTA.

North America needs to North America

Jan 29, 2016
In this U.S. election year, it is important to shift the conversation to the importance of U.S. relations with Mexico and Canada. This editorial, by the former Canadian ambassador to the U.S., the former Mexican ambassador to the U.S., and the former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, believes that their governments should focus on advancing trilateral relations in the business sector and improve collaboration in the security conversation over illegal trafficking, extremism, and terrorism. The Wilson Center will launch an initiative this year to highlight the importance of North American co-operation and provide proposals for action.

The Paris Climate Agreement: What Was Achieved and What’s Next?

Jan 08, 2016
Is this the climate change “game changer” that the world has been waiting for? An expert panel gathered to assess what was accomplished during the Paris climate talks, and what the agreement means moving forward.

Federalism and Climate Policy, Canada-Style

Dec 18, 2015
Canada is about to show whether federalism facilitates or deters progress in climate governance, because the country’s highly decentralized system of energy development and environmental protection requires the individual provinces to act for the country to meet its national environmental goals.

American Attitudes on Climate Change

Dec 17, 2015
Following the conclusion of the Paris climate talks Wilson Center Fellow Barry Rabe discusses American attitudes toward climate change.

Trans-Pacific and Canada's Trade Future

Dec 10, 2015
Details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership have raised many questions. Laura Dawson talks to Steve Paikin on The Agenda to discuss the meaning and impact of the long-awaited trade partnership.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: What’s New, What’s Not, What’s Next

Nov 23, 2015
Depending on the source, the TPP has been praised (or panned) as the best (or worst) trade agreement ever negotiated and is regarded as radically different (or nothing new). Which is it? Superlatives aside, there is something in the TPP for everyone—critics and fans alike. The following overview is a guide to what is and is not new in the TPP, and what is next for the United States as a potential TPP participant. It also provides a context for the more specific analyses provided by Wilson scholars Meg Lundsager, Shihoko Goto, and Christopher Wilson.

Wilson Perspectives: Implications of the Paris Attacks

Nov 19, 2015
The recent terror attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Sinai are profound tragedies and have massive security and economic consequences around the world. With a broad focus on global issues and deep expertise in key regions, the Wilson Center is uniquely positioned to provide a wide-angle view. In this publication of original essays by Wilson Center experts representing every corner of the globe, we work to give context to breaking news. As the story continues to unfold, our analysts will update this collection with new perspectives on the key emerging issues. In trying times, we hope you find our insights useful.