Lyndon Johnson and Europe: In the Shadow of Vietnam

May 23, 2003
On June 5, author Thomas Alan Schwartz will discuss his latest book, Lyndon Johnson and Europe: In the Shadow of Vietnam, where he attempts to revise the perception of LBJ as the "ugly american" and instead suggests that LBJ's conduct of diplomacy in Europe deserves recognition as one of the most important achievements of his presidency.

CWIHP Sponsors Panels at 2003 SHAFR Annual Meeting (June 6-8, 2003)

May 22, 2003
CWIHP is pleased to announce three panels at the forthcoming Annual Meeting of the Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations, to be held June 6-8, 2003 at George Washington University.

North Korea's Crisis Behavior, Past and Present

May 01, 2003
CWIHP and GWCW hosted a daylong workshop that convened a select group of Korea specialists from academia, research centers, and government agencies in the United States, the Republic of Korea and Eastern Europe. Participants analyzed the significance of the large collection of documents on North Korean foreign and domestic affairs uncovered by the Korea Initiative from Russian, East German, Czech and Hungarian archives.

New Volume in CWIHP Book Series Available<br> <i>Confronting Vietnam: Soviet Policy toward the Indochina Conflict, 1954-1963</i>

Mar 17, 2003
Ilya Gaiduk, former CWIHP Fellow and Kennan Institute ECA Regional Exchange Scholar publishes the new volume in the CWIHP Books Series. Based on extensive research in the Russian archives, this book examines the Soviet approach to the Vietnam conflict between the 1954 Geneva conference on Indochina and late 1963, when the conflict was radically transformed. For more information or to order a copy, [CLICK HERE]

<i><b>Humanities</i> March/April 2003</b> issue features CWIHP activities

Mar 04, 2003
The Cold War International History Project and The George Washington University are partners in an ongoing NEH-supported collaboration to train high school teachers in recent advances in Cold War historiography and to build a website extension to store and display online resources. A summer seminar for high school teachers held last year on the GWU campus is taking place again this summer. Read the article by Emmett Berg in the March/April 2003 issue of Humanities. Click on the title above to read the article on the NEH website or see below.

New Evidence on Todor Zhivkov and the Cold War

Mar 03, 2003
3/3/03--The Cold War International History Project and its Bulgarian partner, the "Cold War Research Group-Bulgaria" are pleased to announce the publication of a new CD-ROM on "Bulgaria and the Cold War. Documents from Todor Zhivkov's Personal Records." Containing never-before published documents from the personal archive of Bulgaria's former Communist dictator Todor Zhivkov, Eastern Europe's longest serving Stalinist leader, the collection covers the entire period of Zhivkov's reign from his election as Communist party leader in 1954 through the collapse of communism in Bulgaria in 1989. [Read More]

Graduate Student Cold War Conference

Mar 01, 2003
11/25/02--The Cold War International History Project (CWIHP) is pleased to announce a graduate student conference on the Cold War co-organized by two CWIHP partners, The UC Santa Barbara Center for Cold War Studies (CCWS) and the George Washington University Cold War Group (GWCW). The conference will be held at the University of California, Santa Barbara, on May 2-4, 2003.

Cold War International History Project announces Graduate Student History Conference at Temple University

Feb 01, 2003
The James A. Barnes Club, Temple University's graduate-student historyorganization, is pleased to announce the Eighth Annual Barnes ClubConference. The conference will be held on Saturday, February 22, 2002,from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on the Third Floor of Temple University's StudentCenter (formerly the Student Activity Center or SAC) on Main Campus in NorthPhiladelphia. All are welcome to attend.

New Evidence from Central and East European Archives on the Cold War in Asia

Jan 21, 2003
1/21/03--In cooperation with the Cold War International History Project (CWIHP), the George Washington Cold War Group and the Cold War History Research Center in Budapest are organizing a conference in Budapest, Hungary, October 30-November 2, 2003. The theme of the conference will be "New Central and Eastern European Evidence on the Cold War in Asia."For more information on the conference or on how to submit a paper proposal, [Read more].

Conference "The Vietnam War and Europe, 1963-1973"

Jan 01, 2003
01/01/03--CWIHP-partner "Association Diplomatie et Stratégie" (Paris) to hold conference on the Vietnam War in January 2003.