The Paris Climate Agreement: What Was Achieved and What’s Next?

Jan 08, 2016
Is this the climate change “game changer” that the world has been waiting for? An expert panel gathered to assess what was accomplished during the Paris climate talks, and what the agreement means moving forward.

Not Fully Lost and Damaged: How Loss and Damage Fared in the Paris Agreement

Dec 22, 2015
The Paris Agreement coming out of the Conference of Parties (COP) 21 negotiations gave breakthrough recognition to loss and damage, sorting through thorny discussions and politically charged negotiating positions, explain Saleemul Huq and Roger-Mark De Souza.

A New Era for Climate Diplomacy

Dec 21, 2015
The groundbreaking agreement reached at the 2015 Paris climate change conference is a diplomatic triumph. Laurent Fabius, foreign minister of France and president of the meeting formally known as the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) called the final text “differentiated, fair, dynamic, durable, balanced, and legally binding.”

Environmental Refugees

Dec 21, 2015
One of the hidden costs of climate change is the displacement of millions of people in some of the poorest regions of the globe. The existing international refugee regime is ill-suited to cope with those seeking refuge from environmental disasters. Countries must get serious about developing coordinated plans to address the issue, lest they be caught by surprise when another humanitarian crisis hits.

Wilson Perspectives: The Paris Climate Agreement

Dec 21, 2015
With COP21, Paris has placed renewed commitment on the shoulders of the largest developed and developing economies and embraced the aspirations of the most vulnerable nations. Wilson Perspectives: The Paris Climate Agreement outlines how Paris has forged an accord that, despite its shortcomings, provides for a global architecture to build a safe, prosperous, and climate-resilient future.

An Empty Table? Food-Climate-Conflict Connections in Paris

Dec 21, 2015
How do we begin to untangle the strands of what one former diplomat called the “spaghetti bowl” of food insecurity, climate, and conflict? We can start with more integrated analysis write Roger-Mark De Souza and Meaghan Parker.

Small Island States and the Paris Agreement

Dec 21, 2015
Islands predominated in the Paris COP negotiations.[1] From metaphor to moral compass to declarations of kinship—like President Obama’s— the small island developing states’ vulnerability, dignity, and ambitions served as a rudder.

Federalism and Climate Policy, Canada-Style

Dec 18, 2015
Canada is about to show whether federalism facilitates or deters progress in climate governance, because the country’s highly decentralized system of energy development and environmental protection requires the individual provinces to act for the country to meet its national environmental goals.

The Climate Community Turns to Pragmatism, Mostly

Dec 18, 2015
The good news out of Paris is that the world is finally getting serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Here are a few reasons to cheer and one quibble according to Ruth Greenspan Bell.

American Attitudes on Climate Change

Dec 17, 2015
Following the conclusion of the Paris climate talks Wilson Center Fellow Barry Rabe discusses American attitudes toward climate change.