Obama’s Agenda in 2013-Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
Andrew Selee’s latest column for El Universal discusses Obama's legislative agenda and its possible relevance to Mexico.

Peña Nieto’s Reforms are Being Debated- Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
The Mexico Institute's Duncan Wood discusses the current debate on President Peña Nieto’s proposed reforms.

Mexico Wants U.S. To See Its Prosperity Not Violence-Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
Duncan Wood comments on the Mexico-US relationship on “Morning Edition.”

Obama Misses Opportunity to Stem Gun Flow to Mexico-Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
“Mexico’s previous administration prodded the U.S. to take stronger action on gun control for years, and Mexico’s new ambassador has continued that pressure,” Christopher Wilson. • This article also appeared on

Mexico: Majority of Federal Inmates Imprisoned on Drug Charges-Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
The Mexico Institute's Steven Dudley and Christopher Wilson discuss mexican prison population issues

Mexico's Carlos Slim funds Khan Academy in Spanish-Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
"It’s particularly difficult when you get outside of major metropolitan areas to get an outstanding education that would take you to a top college and maybe to an international graduate program,” says Andrew Selee on the radio broadcast.

Pemex in 2013 budget-Mexico Institute in the News

Jan 23, 2013
This article is in Spainish. “A new start for the Mexican oil: principles and recommendations for reform the national interest” by the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute is featured in this article.

In Mexico, a New Approach to Stanching Drug Violence-Latin America Program in the News

Jan 23, 2013
“There was not good coordination with the Secretaría de Gobernación, and there was not good coordination with the military,” Eric Olson said, referring to Mexico’s internal affairs agency, also known as Segob. The risk now, he added, is the potential to recreate the same bureaucracy.

Latin American Program in the News: American Arms Reach Deep Into Mexico’s Bloodshed

Jan 16, 2013
Eric L. Olson comments on the connection between easy access to weapons in the US and the use of these weapons for violence in Mexico.

The Victims’ Law in Mexico

Jan 11, 2013
This law is more than a year in the making, the product of a joint effort by academics, victims’ advocates, as well as victims themselves aligned with the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity. Its publication this week in the official government gazette marks a major win for the movement led by the poet Javier Sicilia, whose son Juan Francisco was killed in violence in March 2011.