Mexico Institute in the News: Amid drug war, Mexico homicide rate up for fourth straight year

Aug 22, 2012
Mexico Institute's Eric Olson provided commentary on this story about Mexico's homicide rate. This article was also published in and on Hispanic Business.

Mexico Institute in the News: With a lull in violence, Ciudad Juárez looks for a comeback

Aug 22, 2012
Eric Olson provided commentary on this story in a drop in violence in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Mexico Institute in the News: Sharp drop in the murder rate in Juarez, thanks to the cartels?

Aug 22, 2012
Eric Olson and Molly Molloy comment on the drop in murder rates in Juarez, Mexico for “AirTalk.”

Mexico Institute in the News: America Abroad: Mexico (WBEZ)

Aug 21, 2012
Eric Olson, Associate Director of the Mexico Institute, was invited on WBEZFM to discuss Mexico’s future and why it matters for the U.S. The main topics of discussion were the president-elect, his goals for the economy and his party’s plan for eliminating drug-related violence.

Mexico Institute in the News: Four big ways Mexico is boosting the US economy

Aug 16, 2012
This blog article highlights a report by Christopher Wilson, an Associate of the Mexico Institute. The report shows that increased trade and investment between the U.S. and Mexico since the implementation of NAFTA has created a virtuous cycle which benefits workers and companies on both sides of the border.

Mexico Institute in the News: Van tras la pista de 'El Chapo'

Aug 16, 2012
Mexico Institute Associate Chris Wilson was quoted on the recent application of the Kingpin Act to three individuals in Belize with links to the transnational criminal organization led by El Chapo Guzman. This article is in Spanish.

Mexico Institute in the News: Regional Migration Study Group Reports Trace Economic Transformation in Mexico, Central America

Aug 16, 2012
In order to prepare for the Regional Migration Study Group, The Woodrow Wilson Center's Latin America Program and Mexico Institute have prepared a series of reports that examine recent economic, political, societal, and demographic changes in Central America and Mexico.

Mexico Institute in the News: Nombres y apellidos en Rapido y Furioso

Aug 02, 2012
Program Asssociate Christopher Wilson was interviewed by MSN Latino about the new report released by Committee Chairman Darrell Issa and Senator Charles Grassley on the botched anti-weapons trafficking operation, Fast and Furious. Both interviews were conducted in Spanish.

Mexico Institute in the News: Researchers Call for New Tactics in Drug Abuse Fight

Aug 02, 2012
Current U.S. drug policy is proving insufficient in shrinking the damage caused by drug abuse, but promising alternative approaches could lead to improved results, according to an article in the summer 2012 edition of Issues in Science and Technology.

Mexico Institute: July Highlights

Aug 01, 2012
Each month, the Mexico Institute will review and highlight the month’s activities and feature them here. Visitors will be able to watch the recap from our most recent events, browse our new publications, and read articles that feature key media appearances of the Mexico Institute staff.