Mexico Institute in the News: The resurgence of Mexico's PRI

Jun 24, 2012
Chris Wilson, Associate of the Mexico Institute, was interviewed by BBC World Service Radio and Al Jazeera about the upcoming presidential elections in Mexico.

Mexico Institute in the News: No clear choice in Mexico’s election for new president amid drug wars

Jun 22, 2012
Three towns, three horrors — and business as usual in the Mexican drug wars.As the country’s 114 million long-suffering citizens stumble toward presidential elections set for July 1, drug crime remains the issue uppermost in their minds — and no wonder. Eric Olson, Associate Director of the Mexico Institute, comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: A Look at the Mexican Election from a U.S. Perspective [in Spanish]

Jun 21, 2012
Four 'Mexicanists' that reside in the U.S. give their opinion on the presidential race, predict the winner, possible risks to the country, the initial actions that are needed from the candidate and the adjustments that must be done to combat organized crime. Christopher Wilson, Associate at the Mexico Institute, comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: Parties to analyze Mexican election

Jun 18, 2012
Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), National Action Party (PAN) and Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) representatives will meet today to discuss the upcoming July 1 election and Mexico’s role in the world. The event was organized by the Washington D.C.-based Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Univisión television channel. In the forum, Rubén Beltrán will represent the PAN; Emilio Lozoya, the PRI, and Jorge Eduardo Navarrete, the PRD.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at a news conference at the end of the G20 foreign ministers summit in Los Cabos

The G-20 Summit in Los Cabos

Jun 18, 2012
With the global economic recovery at stake and Europe on the brink, the leaders of the G-20 nations are being hosted by President Calderón in Los Cabos, Mexico, as they seek to avoid crisis and stimulate sustainable growth. Top Mexican and U.S. experts met at the Wilson Center to discuss the summit.

Mexico Institute in the News: Eurozone crisis to cast shadow over G-20 summit

Jun 17, 2012
Obama’s visit to Los Cabos comes less than two weeks before Mexico’s presidential election, giving him one last sit-down with President Felipe Calderon, a counterpart with whom he’s developed a good relationship. Andrew Selee, Vice President for Programs and Senior Advisor of the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: Leftist makes gains in polls in second bid for Mexico’s presidency

Jun 12, 2012
Left-leaning candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is climbing back into the limelight in Mexico, where a late bump in the polls has boosted his stature before the nation’s July 1 presidential election. The Mexico Institute's Andrew Selee comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: Mexican Election opinion polls: Tools for propaganda?

Jun 12, 2012
Enrique Peña Nieto is the frontrunner in Mexico’s elections. But polls are divided over the size of his lead. The Mexico Institute's Christopher Wilson comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: Who will win the Mexican election?

Jun 12, 2012
As Mexico's presidential race enters its final weeks, we ask if anyone can stop Enrique Pena Nieto from winning. The Mexico Institute's Eric L. Olson comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: Questions at the border

Jun 12, 2012
THE border between America and Mexico is perhaps best known for the illegal trade and people passing though it. But the growth in legitimate things crossing over is the far bigger story. Last year the value of bilateral trade reached half a trillion dollars by one measure, without any fanfare at all. But a stiffening of controls since 9/11 has led to congestion and unpredictable delays that cost both countries billions of dollars a year in trade, according to a report* released this month. The Mexico Institute's Christopher Wilson comments.