China Environment Series 1- 12

China Environment Series is the annual publication issues by the China Environment Forum. We are proud to have 12 issues published up to date.

Choke Point China Research

As part of CEF-Circle of Blue joint Choke Point: China initiative, these research briefs seek to discover the water-food-energy crises in and around China. This project is made possible by Skoll Global Threats Fund, Energy Foundation, China Sustainable Energy Program, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, U.S...

Cooperative Competitors Research Briefs

As part of CEF's project Cooperative Competitors, these research briefs seek to dive into promising areas of clean energy and climate collaboration that can benefit the environment and promote more sustainable energy production for both the U.S. and China. This project is made possible with funding...

Environmental Governance and Health Research Briefs

The first five briefs are a part of CEF's partnership with Vermont Law School on the USAID-supported U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law Initiative. The rest briefs were all written as a part of the CEF's partnership with Western Kentucky University on the U.S. AID-supported China...

Other Wilson Center Publications

A collection of past CEF research published by the Wilson Center.

CEF Research Published by Other Organizations

A collection of CEF research papers published by other organizations including CSIS, Jamestown Foundation, China Monitor, and others.

A Global Choke Point Report: China's Water-Energy-Food Roadmap

The water-energy-food choke point is forcing a new reckoning. Three colliding trends—declining freshwater reserves, booming energy demand, and uncertain grain supplies—are disrupting economies, governments, and environments around the world. As the world’s most populous country and biggest energy...