Citizen Security

Citizen insecurity poses a rising challenge to democratic governance and the exercise of citizenship throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Transnational organized crime, gang violence, drug production and trafficking, and other sources of insecurity continue to threaten the quality of...

Democratic Governance

The Program’s work on democratic governance focuses on questions of improving democratic quality and state capacity, the relationship between democratization and internal armed conflict, the resurgence of populism, and the protection of human rights.

Foreign Policy and International Relations

As Latin American countries find new options for political and economic insertion in a globalized world, patterns of international relations and U.S.-Latin American relations are changing. The Program is particularly focused on understanding of the region’s new commercial and political...

Peace Processes

The resolution of armed conflict through a peace process has been a focus of the Program’s work and continues to be an important area of study for understanding post-conflict democratic transitions and efforts in consolidation.

Taxation and Inequality in Latin America

Despite widespread economic growth and increasing social expenditures, Latin America remains one of the most unequal regions of the world. The region's highly regressive tax systems remain a huge hurdle to reducing poverty and inequality.

Trade and Economics

These publications examine a range of trade and economic issue effecting the region in the context of globalization, especially the increasing economic relationship between Asia and Latin America.

Wilson Center Reports on the Americas

Expert reports offer an in-depth analysis of key issues for the region.

Latin American Program Books

See the collection of books by Program staff, scholars, and consultants in coordination with the Wilson Center.

Annual Reports on Activities

View a complete listing of the Latin American Program, Mexico Institute, and Brazil Institutes' programming and publications, updated annually.

NOTICIAS: The Latin American Program Newsletter

Read the latest issues of the Program's newsletter featuring recent activities highlights and publications.