NKIDP Working Papers

The NKIDP Working Paper Series is designed to provide a speedy outlet for historians who have gained access to newly-available archives and sources and would like to share their results. The NKIDP Working Paper Series is edited by Christian F. Ostermann and James F. Person, and is supported...

NKIDP Critical Oral History Conference Series

Launched in 2008, the multi-year Critical Oral History Conference (COHC) Series is designed to fill the gaps in the available documentary record and add greater nuance to even well-understood events. The conferences, which involve veteran diplomatic and intelligence officials from the United States...

NKIDP e-Dossier Series

The NKIDP e-Dossier Series is designed to highlight new and important additions to the NKIDP Digital Archive by pairing key documents with insightful analysis by renowned historians from NKIDP's global network of scholars.

NKIDP Document Readers

The NKIDP Document Reader Series provides speedy access to samplings of translated documents in the Project's massive collection of declassified materials on the inner-workings and foreign relations of North Korea from the archives of Pyongyang's former communist allies. The NKIDP Document...

NKIDP Briefing Books

NKIDP Briefing Books are compilations of documents from U.S., South Korea, North Korean, Chinese, and former communist bloc archives and are assembled for Critical Oral History Conferences.

North Korea Briefs: Shedding light on the DPRK

Published by the Institute for Far Eastern Studies

CWIHP Working Papers

A collection of Korea-related working papers from the Cold War International History Project's celebrated Working Papers series.

CWIHP Bulletins

Korea-specific sections from CWIHP's Bulletin


Published by the Wilson Center Press