Urban Opportunities: Perspectives on Climate Change, Resilience, and Inclusion

Urban Opportunities: Perspectives on Climate Change, Resilience, and Inclusion

This publication marks the 5th year of the Urban Poverty Paper Competition for advanced graduate students sponsored by the Wilson Center's Urban Sustainability Laboratory, USAID, International Housing Coalition, the World Bank, and Cities Alliance. The volume includes original, solutions-oriented...

Addressing the Affordable Housing Crunch: U.S. Policy Shifts

While experts agree on the importance of affordable housing for the well-being of a city and its residents, confronting the affordable housing shortage has been the subject of much debate and remains one of the top urban policy challenges in the United States today.

Locating Social Entrepreneurship in the Global South: Innovations in Development Aid

This publication, produced by the Urban Sustainability Laboratory together with Zeppelin University and Siemens Stiftung, highlights the latest in practice and research on the role that social entrepreneurship can play in meeting international development goals and empowering the poor.

Dancing towards Revolution in Kyiv

Blair A. Ruble, Vice President for Programs at the Wilson Center, examines the link between ballet and social, political change in Ukraine.

Dawn of the Smart City? Perspectives From New York, Ahmedabad, São Paulo, and Beijing

Four essays present perspectives on the ideas behind smart cities from New York, Ahmedabad, São Paulo, and Beijing.

Innovation in Urban Development: Incremental Housing, Big Data, and Gender

This publication, the result of the fourth annual "Reducing Urban Poverty" paper competition co-sponsored by the Wilson Center's Comparative Urban Studies Project, USAID, IHC, the World Bank, and Cities Alliance, includes a range of perspectives offering innovative policy solutions to pressing...

Changing Cities: Climate, Youth, and Land Markets in Urban Areas

The number of urban slum dwellers worldwide is staggering. According to UN-Habitat, 827.6 million people live in slums around the world. Despite meeting a Millennium Development Goal to significantly improve the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers by 2020, the total number of people living...

After the Disaster: Rebuilding Communities

This report draws from the dialogue and seminar papers shared at an April 2011 meeting co-hosted by the Wilson Center and the Fetzer Institute to explore how best to respond to disasters. Highlighting the complex nature of disaster response and exploring ways to overcome the inherent tension...

Reducing Urban Poverty: A New Generation of Ideas

The world faces an unprecedented urban expansion with projections for the global urban population reach nearly 5 billion by the year 2030. Virtually all of this growth will occur in the developing world where cities gain an average of 5 million residents every month. Failure to incorporate urban...

Does Participatory Governance Matter?

This publication presents workshop conclusions about the impact of participatory governance on the lives of citizens, the organization of civil society, the contours of state reform, and most broadly, the quality of democracy. Authors Brian Wampler and Stephanie McNulty offer case studies, policy...