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Program on America and the Global Economy

Politics Aside, Debt Fix Is Clear

Between us, we served 15 terms in Congress. We belong to different parties and now support different presidential candidates. But this toxic election cycle is no reason to delay a sensible bipartisan solution to our serious budget crisis. We made this argument on these pages one year ago, and the situation has only gotten worse.

Is Entrepreneurship the Key to Economic Recovery?

Historically, economic downturns have provided fertile ground for entrepreneurship. Many of the mainstays of the American economy were founded during economic lulls. And when it comes to job creation, startups have always contributed mightlily to the equation. Is the same true during the current economic crisis? We posed that question to Amy Wilkinson, who has been studying and reporting on the vital world of entrepreneurs.

The Manufacturing Competitiveness Imperative for the United States

Craig Giffi will provide an overview of the current state of manufacturing in the United States and possible future impact of and importance of manufacturing to national prosperity, national security, and the entire innovation system.  Giffi will be joined by Nayanee Gupta who will discuss how potential developments in advanced manufacturing could help sharply strengthen the American presence in manufacturing.  To make the most of expected advances in manufacturing, the United States will also need to make a major commitment to develop, maintain, and upgrade workforce skills.

Negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

The only major current trade negotiation that the U.S.

Obama’s Goal to Double Exports: A Midterm Analysis

Today’s report on the U.S. trade performance for May 2012 shows that the Obama Administration is roughly on track to achieve the President’s lofty goal of doubling U.S. exports over the five year period ending in 2014.  President Obama made this commitment, which would mean increasing exports from the 2009 level of $1.56 trillion to over $3 trillion, in his 2010 State of the Union address.  The objective of expanding exports is to promote U.S. employment, particularly in high paying manufacturing jobs.

Universities, High-skilled Immigration, and Regulatory Reform: Implications for America's Economic Future (Offsite)

A panel of experts will discuss key aspects of the Start-Up Act with a special focus on the provisions designed to accelerate the commercialization of university research, the regulating of start-up companies, and the broadening of opportunities for temporary immigrants with post-graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to eventually quality for permanent residency visas.


This event will be held in B-369 Rayburn House Office Building.

OECD Economic Survey of the United States, 2012

The OECD’s 2012 Economic Survey of the United States is an in-depth analysis of the U.S. economy and offers policy recommendations to promote sustainable economic growth and employment. The Survey also explores policy options to reduce income inequality and poverty. A special chapter in this year’s report is focused on fostering innovation.