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Wilson Center Alumni Lead Women's Suffrage Exhibit at the National Archives

Former Wilson Center Fellows Dr. Robyn Muncy and Dr. Marjorie Spruill recently led the creation of an inspiring and informative exhibit at the National ArchivesRightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote brings to life women’s struggle for the right to participate in their democracy through photos, records, objects, and even rare footage. On display through January 3, 2021, the exhibit highlights the grit and tenacity shown by diverse activists throughout U.S. history who secured voting rights for all American women.

University Park Community Solar LLC – the First Community Solar Power Initiative

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint the University Park community in Maryland established a solar power generation plant for member residents.

The Quarterly Report: Is Democracy Worth It?

On this episode of Dialogue at the Wilson Center, the respondents explored the latest issue of the Wilson Center’s flagship publication, the Wilson Quarterly with the help of its editor, Steve Lagerfeld.

American Muslim Local Officials: Challenges and Opportunities

When Washingtonians think of U.S. Muslim officials, the names of Representatives Keith Ellison and André Carson come to mind. What may be of greater interest to many people outside the Beltway, however, is the increasing number of local Muslim officials. Join us for a program in which Muslim mayors, city council members and judges will discuss the particular challenges and opportunities facing them today as they seek appointment or election  and carry out their responsibilities once in office.

Educating for Democracy: The Taube Discussion Series on Teaching American Values

What are core American values, and how should they be taught in the nation's classrooms? Four lectures on the subject were presented by the Hon. Sandra Day O'Connor, Dr. Donna E. Shalala, Prof. Erwin Chemerinsky, and Prof. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot. The lightly edited version of their talks provides thoughts about both basic values and the approaches most likely to be successful with K-12 students. 

Whose Child Am I?

A young boy jumped a subway turnstile in New York. He was caught and incarcerated at the Riker’s Island juvenile facility. Another child might have been released to his parents but this boy, an undocumented immigrant, was placed in federal custody.

The Legal and Media Worlds Look at the Supreme Court 2012 Term

The American Bar Association Division for Public Education
 and the Woodrow Wilson Center

Invite you to attend our Supreme Court program:

On the Docket

Panelists will discuss the upcoming Supreme Court term and
how the modern media covers our nation’s highest court. 

Is Entrepreneurship the Key to Economic Recovery?

Historically, economic downturns have provided fertile ground for entrepreneurship. Many of the mainstays of the American economy were founded during economic lulls. And when it comes to job creation, startups have always contributed mightlily to the equation. Is the same true during the current economic crisis? We posed that question to Amy Wilkinson, who has been studying and reporting on the vital world of entrepreneurs.

Arizona's Immigration Law on Trial

With oral arguments complete, Supreme Cout justices will soon rule on Arizona's tough immigration law which has sparked national debate. A ruling in favor of Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 would likely enable Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah to move forward with comparable measures that were enacted but have been put on hold pending the high court's decision. And additonal states may be waiting in line with measures that would continue a trend of increasing legislative acitivity on immigration law at the state and local levels.