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“Between Marketization and Social Protection: Ambivalences of Feminism in the Context of Capitalist Crisis”

Nancy Fraser is one of the leading political philosophers and feminist theorists practicing today. Her writing addresses issues of concern to a broad audience, including globalization, cosmopolitanism, identity politics, neoliberalism, the welfare state, and gender issues.

Women, Migration and the Work of Care: The United States in Comparative Perspective

Native-born American workers are not meeting current U.S. demands for care workers, whether for children, the elderly, or those with chronic illnesses. As a result, there are significant opportunities for migrant workers--opportunities to which women from many parts of the globe are responding. But because U.S. immigration quotas are not in synch with these needs, many potential care workers are entering the country without documentation. Temporary care work programs--though not unproblematic--may be the answer.

Why Latino/a History Matters to U.S. History: A lecture by Dr. Vicki Ruiz

Please join us for the inauguration of  “The Past, Present, and Future of U.S. Women’s History” lecture series, a joint venture between the
The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) and the Woodrow Wilson Center. This series is aimed at promoting the need for a national museum to focus on women’s lives  over the course of United States history. Our goal is to cover diverse topics in women’s history, explore leading scholarship and address the question, “Why women’s history?”

Book Discussion: "American Dreamers: How the Left Changed a Nation"

The conventional view of the American left has been a story of movements that failed to gain support from mainstream America. In American Dreamers: How the Left Changed a Nation, author Michael Kazin argues that although these movements may not have succeeded on their own terms, many nonetheless made lasting contributions to American society.

On the Docket: The Legal and Media Worlds Look at the Supreme Court 2011 Term

This event marks the beginning of American Bar Association's fourth annual fall “On the Docket” program, co-sponsored with dialogue, The Wilson Center's TV & radio program. The program will preview the upcoming Supreme Court term and provide some unique insights into modern Supreme Court litigation and reporting.