Environmental Governance and Health Research Briefs

The first five briefs are a part of CEF's partnership with Vermont Law School on the USAID-supported U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law Initiative. The rest briefs were all written as a part of the CEF's partnership with Western Kentucky University on the U.S. AID-supported China Environmental Health Project (CEHP).

Issues in this Series

Fishing for Answers

Katie Lebling
This new research brief looks into an area of China's overseas environmental impact that has been rarely explored: distant water fishing. The brief examines international treaties, China's practice and players, as well as drivers of distant water fishing. It investigates Chinese fleets' environmental impact in west Africa, and suggests strategies for a better governance.

Kite Sensorship: Regulating China’s Airways

Abi Barnes
Launched in July 2012, FLOAT Beijing—a community art project that utilizes citizen science—offers a simple, innovative, and non-confrontational approach to air quality monitoring: kites. Pioneered by two U.S. graduate students, the project tracks air pollutants using air sensor modules attached to kites.

Snapshot: China's Waste Challenge

Tara Sun Vanacore
Every year, China generates 250 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW), or one quarter of the world’s total annual waste.To help deal with this problem, 155 incineration facilities currently operate in China, with an expected 300 facilities to be online by 2015. However, these plants vary drastically in their ability to control pollution and toxic waste from China’s incinerators is occasionally dumped into ponds or landfilled, belying the clean and renewable image promoted by the government. For citizens troubled by a lack of information from the government about incineration plants before and during construction, NGOs and grassroots organizations serve to fill the gap as sources of information, legal services, and advice.

Municipal Financing for Environmental Infrastructure in China

The summary of an initiative by the Woodrow Wilson Center's China Environment Forum, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Taihu: Green Wash or Green Clean?

Pei-yu "Catherine" Tai and Linden Ellis

Cars in China: Personal Vehicles Make Tracks

Linden Ellis, Kimberly Go, Debbie Y. Lee, and Monty McGee

Going Organic

Natalie Baer

Environmental and Health Threats from Cement Production in China

Jung-Myung Cho and Suzanne Giannini-Spohn

Water-borne Illness in China

Christine E. Boyle

Food Safety in China

Yang Yang and Jennifer L. Turner

Aquaculture and Environmental Health in China

Linden Ellis and Jennifer L. Turner

Aquaculture: Chinese Language Edition

Zhang Liwen, Zhou Yujing, and Fan Enyuan

Environmental Health and Indoor Air Pollution in China

H. Dean Hosgood, III
Pictures from Xuanwei, China courtesy of Dr. Qing Lan.

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