Finding the Source: The Linkages Between Population and Water

Population and fresh water are widely recognized as two of the most important issues facing humanity, with implications for livelihoods, economic productivity, and political stability. Finding the Source highlights the linkages between these critical issues through case studies from the Philippines, India, and sub-Saharan Africa. The common message is unmistakable: global water problems are still soluble-but only with concerted international action that includes efforts to address population growth.

Issues in this Series

Finding the Source: Foreword

Geoffrey D. Dabelko
Population and fresh water are widely recognized as two of the most important issues facing humanity. Yet too few policymakers are aware of the close links between these two phenomena. Foreword and table of contents.

Finding the Source: The Coming Freshwater Crisis is Already Here

Don Hinrichsen and Henrylito D. Tacio
Fresh water is emerging as the most critical resource issue facing humanity. While the supply of fresh water is limited, both the world’s population and demand for the resource continues to expand rapidly.

Finding the Source: Urbanization and Intersectoral Competition for Water

Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Paul P. Appasamy
This article examines the implications of urbanization for intersectoral competition over water, not only in technical or economic terms, but also in terms of political and social dynamics as well as the possibilities to meet the water needs of growing cities.

Finding the Source: Exploring the Population/Water Resources Nexus in the Developing World

Anthony Turton and Jeroen F. Warner
This article explores the population/water resources nexus by using empirical examples from Africa in order to isolate some of the strategically important issues that policymakers should recognize.

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