By Jorge Balán, Rollin Kent, and Juan Carlos Navarro


Table of Contents


Higher Education Policies in Argentina in the 1990s: Regulation, Coordination, and Autonomy
Jorge Balan

Higher Education Reform in Mexico: The Evolving Agenda in the 1990s
Rollin Kent

Higher Education in Venezuela: Issues and Prospects for Reform
Juan Carlos Navarro


From the Preface

The papers in this publication were presented at the seminar, "Higher Education Reform in Latin America," held at the Wilson Center on November 5, 1996. The Latin American Program wishes to express its gratitude to Jorge Balan, Rollin Kent, and Juan Carlos Navarro for their participation in the session as well as for their contribution to our Working Paper series. Since the seminar, Jorge Balan has joined the New York office of the Ford Foundation as a Program Officer and Juan Carlos Navarro has taken leave from IESA to work in the Social Programs Division of the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, DC. The Program would also like to thank Jeffrey Puryear, Senior Fellow at the Inter-American Dialogue, who commented on the three paper presentations at the seminar.