Asia Publications

Finding the Source: Urbanization and Intersectoral Competition for Water

Jul 07, 2011
This article examines the implications of urbanization for intersectoral competition over water, not only in technical or economic terms, but also in terms of political and social dynamics as well as the possibilities to meet the water needs of growing cities.

Crisis and Confrontation on the Korean Peninsula: 1968-1969

Jul 07, 2011
A collection of declassified archival documents on US-ROK-DPRK relations from 1968-1969 compiled in preparation for the 8-9 September 2008 international conference "Crisis and Confrontation on the Korean Peninsula: 1968-1969"

Hong Kong Conference Report: Section 6 (English)

Jul 07, 2011
Section 6 features the work of various environmental NGOs in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.