Russia Publications

Migration Processes and Challenges in Contemporary Russia: St. Petersburg Case Study

Jan 01, 2013
Washington, D.C.: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; Kennan Institute and Comparative Urban Studies Eurasian Migration Paper #6, 2012. PDF 140 pages.

Moving Beyond the Reset

Dec 12, 2012
Acting Director William Pomeranz examines the impact of the reset policy on the U.S.-Russian relationship. President Vladimir Putin’s first few months in office witnessed the “resetting of the reset” in which Putin unilaterally canceled several major U.S. assistance programs and generally showed little interest in improving U.S.-Russian relations. As a result, the Obama administration will have to reassess its strategy with Russia and find alternative ways of engaging with the Russian people. Such a strategy will include lowering the profile of the reset policy while pursuing more traditional exchanges that bypass high-level politics and promote direct links between the two countries.

You Have to Have Strong Nerves Not to be Influenced by the Hysteria

Nov 29, 2012
An interview with Nataliya Rostova, Galina Starovoitova Fellow on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, upon the completion of her grant “The Russian Mass Media of the Post-Perestroika Era.”

A 21st Century Vision for U.S. Global Media

Nov 15, 2012
Drawing on past work supported by the Cold War International History Program, the A. Ross Johnson and R. Eugene Parta apply lessons from successful U.S. international broadcasting during the Cold War to today’s transformed geopolitical, media, and technological world. They suggest a restatement of mission and corresponding organizational changes to ensure that international broadcasting remains an effective instrument of U.S. soft power – one supporting freedom and democracy abroad in the national interest.

Вестник 22 (Осень 2012)

Sep 01, 2012
Надежды на скорую модернизацию политической системы и социальных отношений, появившиеся было в связи с ростом политической активности граждан, неожиданно заявивших о своих правах влиять на судьбу страны, быстро сошли на нет. У тех, кто ждал перемен, настроение изменилось – все заметнее уныние, скепсис, новый виток разобщенности политиков и разочарования масс в возможности преодоления «исторической колеи».

Usolye: Architectural Heritage in Photographs

Jun 28, 2012
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Кто боится учебника истории?

Apr 26, 2012
В статьях ученых, учителей и методистов в области преподавания истории из Волгограда, Москвы, Ярославля и Волжского рассмотрены острые вопросы создания и использования школьного учебника истории. Сборник предназначен для ученых-историков, учителей, авторов учебников истории, а также политиков, определяющих подходы к школьному историческому образованию.