The Researchers’ Guide to the IAEA Archives

Jan 20, 2016
Practical advice for conducting research at the archives of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

MENA Women Quarterly Report (October-December 2015)

Jan 20, 2016
The MENA Women Quarterly Report covers women’s advances and setbacks in politics, economics, conflict situations, and human rights issues throughout the MENA region. This issue includes a special feature on Fatema Mernissi, noted Moroccan sociologist and Islamic feminist.

Conclusion Update: Energy, Security, and Foreign Policy

Jan 15, 2016
This is an update to the conclusion of the book "Energy and Security: Strategies for a World in Transition."

Is ISIS Going All Out on Turkey?

Jan 13, 2016
In a dramatic shift, jihadists calling themselves the Islamic State have moved their terror campaign to Istanbul, Turkey's commercial heart and a global tourism hub. Their aim is to warn Turkey away from recent moves to crack down on the group which has long used Turkey as a main transit route for weapons, cash, and recruits flowing into Syria.

Saudis Wield the Sword at Home as Abroad

Jan 07, 2016
Saudi Arabia’s New Year’s Day mass executions fits into a well-established pattern of taking exceedingly tough measures whenever its leadership has felt under intense foreign or domestic pressures. Its late hardnosed interior minister, Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, once warned pro-democracy activists that the ruling House of Saud had come to power by the sword and if necessary was ready to wield it again to stay there.

Kennan Cable No.13: What Ukraine Can Learn from Other Countries’ Experiences with PTSD

Jan 05, 2016
Despite continuing reports of sporadic shelling in eastern Ukraine and breaches of the Minsk agreement, there is hope that the heavy fighting may be drawing to a close. But the human toll of the war will continue to be felt in Ukraine for a long time to come, especially the psychological wounds that the war has inflicted on the country’s soldiers and the civilian population.

Introduction Update

Dec 23, 2015
This is an update to the introduction of the book "Energy and Security: Strategies for a World in Transition."