Вестник 14 (Осень 2008)

Sep 01, 2008
Cобытия второго полугодия 2008 года - мировой финансовый кризис и грузино-российский вооруженный конфликт - чрезвычайно наглядно и, к сожалению, весьма болезненно продемонстрировали взаимосвязанность происходящего в нашей стране и в мире. Это было отмечено и президентом России Д. Медведевым в Послании Федеральному Собранию, где признавалось, что августовские события на Кавказе привели к росту напряженности в Европе и во всем мире, а финансовый кризис в Соединенных Штатах, теснейшим образом связанный с рынками всех развитых стран, потащил на траекторию спада финансовые рынки планеты. more

PEN 14 - The Consumer Products Safety Commission and Nanotechnology

Aug 21, 2008
View Official Report Release Page The inability of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to carry out its mandate with respect to simple, low-tech products such as children’s jewelry and toy trains bodes poorly for its ability to oversee the safety of complex, high-tech products made using nanotechnology, according to E. Marla Felcher. more

Poll: Risks and Benefits of Synthetic Biology and Nanotechnology

Aug 13, 2008
From August 20 to 25, 2008, Peter D. Hart Research Associates conducted a nationwide survey among 1,003 adults about awareness of and attitudes toward both nanotechnology and synthetic biology. Nearly nine in 10 Americans say they have heard just a little or nothing at all about synthetic biology, according to this 2008 report summarizing the survey findings. more

PEN 13 - Nanotechnology Oversight

Jul 23, 2008
View • Official Report Release Page including webcast. WASHINGTON – Few domestic policy areas that the new administration must address will have greater long-range consequences than nanotechnology — a new technology that has been compared with the industrial revolution in terms of its impact on society. If the right decisions are made, nanotechnology will bring vast improvements to almost every area of daily living. If the wrong decisions are made, the American economy, human health and the environment will suffer. In Nanotechnology Oversight: An Agenda for the Next Administration former Environmental Protection Agency official J. Clarence Davies - one of the nation’s foremost authorities on environmental regulation and policy - identifies the steps the incoming president must take to deal with the potential risks posed by nanotechnology. more

Governments and Muslim Communities in the West: United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany

Jul 14, 2008
Proceedings of a workshop and conference on March 3-5, 2008 more

International Strategies for Innovation: A Study of Seven Countries and Brazil

Jul 07, 2008
Seven of the world's most notably innovative countries—United States, Canada, Ireland, France, United Kingdom, Finland and Japan—have recognized innovation as a key element for improving productivity and competitiveness, as well as advancing social and economic development. Understanding how these countries have succeeded in applying policies, adapting institutions, and using economic incentives and instruments to construct knowledge-based economies was the purpose of an in-depth, ten-month research project, Mobilização Brasileira para a Inovação (Mobit). This report synthesizes the findings of the Mobit study and the proceedings from the seminar. more

Brazil's Emerging Economic Power: Now Investment-Grade and Why it Matters

Jul 07, 2008
On April 30, 2008, Standard & Poor's became the first ratings agency to raise Brazil's foreign debt to investment-grade status. These unprecedented decisions, coupled with the discovery of massive new oil and gas reserves, boosts Brazil's prospects for continued, long-term economic and political stability. To explore the implications of Brazil's investment grade status the Brazil Institute hosted a congressional luncheon in partnership with the Wilson Center's On the Hill program. more

Thinking Brazil 2.2

Jul 07, 2008
Brazilian Presidential Race, 2002: Will Lula clear the hurdles ahead? (May 2002) more

Российская модернизация: размышляя о самобытности

Jun 10, 2008
Авторы сборника, признанные специалисты в различных областях социальных наук, выявляют и анализируют специфику развития России, те факторы, которые препятствуют ее модернизации. more



The Future of Higher Education

Mar 26, 2014Apr 02, 2014

Jeff Abernathy and Richard Morrill discuss how colleges and universities are dealing with rapidly rising costs and how the United States can still compete for students in a globalized environment.