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Antarctic Arms Control at 60: A Precedent or a Pole Apart?

Arctic Infrastructure: Needs and Opportunities in an Emerging Market

With the Arctic experiencing unprecedented changes, there is heightened focus on the region for its economic potential. Investments in the region require an array of infrastructure to support sustainable, community-focused economic development, and to process and transport materials, people, and data. Infrastructure development has wide-ranging impacts and implications on the Arctic's environment and communities, and calls for sustainable approaches.


Wilson Center entrusted with Critical Arctic Documents from Guggenheim Partners

WASHINGTON, DC – The Wilson Center announced today that as part of a newly formed partnership with Guggenheim Partners, Guggenheim’s Arctic Infrastructure Inventory would be transferred to the Wilson Center and managed by the Center’s Polar Institute.

The Wilson Center’s Polar Institute raises awareness about critical issues facing the Polar regions by fostering research, dialogue, and programmatic activity on Arctic and Antarctic issues. 

Fulbright Arctic Initiative: Research and Policy Findings for Sustainable Arctic Communities and Economies

The Arctic faces critical policy challenges on many issues including climate change response, public health and health care infrastructure, energy, environmental protection, sustainable management of the Arctic Ocean, infrastructure, Indigenous rights, and governance. These challenges require international cooperation and policy decisions that are grounded in Indigenous and local knowledge and western science and informed by Arctic residents.

Ice-Diminishing Arctic Interview: Mead Treadwell

Mead Treadwell shared his thoughts on the symposium’s growing international influence and the tough questions it tries to answer. He highlights the opportunities and challenges that the Arctic holds in feeding, fueling, and connecting the world. Treadwell is the former Lieutenant Governor of the State of Alaska, and the former Chair of the US Arctic Research Commission.

Ice-Diminishing Arctic Interview: Atsushi Sunami

Dr. Atsushi Sunami discussed several Arctic issues from climate change and rapidly melting ice, to extreme weather conditions and their implications for Japan. He highlighted Japan’s other interests in the Arctic, including the opening of the Northern Sea Route and the access to European Ports. Sunami is the President of the Ocean Policy Research Institute at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

Ice-Diminishing Arctic Interview: Tero Vauraste

Tero Vauraste discussed the role of economics in developing the Arctic Region. Vauraste highlights the region's 1 trillion USD investment potential, and the need for infrastructure to support increased activity as the Arctic enters into a new era. He also touched upon the importance of Arctic Council cooperation and dialogues to mitigate security concerns. Vauraste is the President of Mariadi Ltd, and former Chair of the Arctic Economic Council.

Ice-Diminishing Arctic Interview: Alice Rogoff

Alice Rogoff discussed the story of the Arctic - America’s new "Mediterranean Sea." Rogoff shared her thoughts on how the Arctic is more than just melting ice but a region with people, culture, and economies as riveting as any other society, and her goals for teaching that story to an ever-expanding audience. Rogoff is the Publisher of Arctic Today.