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PsyOps goes Rodent

Image: Renowned Aboriginal tenor Harold Blair sings at an event organized by the Australian Soviet Friendship Society in honor of the Soviet Olympic team.

Anti-Soviet Protests at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games

One month after the start of the Hungarian Revolution, the 1956 Olympic Games began in Melbourne, forcing Soviet officials to work overtime to counter the impact of protests.

Magic Weapons: China's political influence activities under Xi Jinping

Executive Summary:

International Citizen Science Stakeholder Analysis

A stakeholder analysis is a methodology used to identify people and organizations that have a "stake" in an issue that would affect them or their organization. The approach is traditionally used in natural resource management or business. However, in the emerging field of citizen science the people and organizations that participate research and other activities may be difficult to define, and find.

Asia Program 2014 Retrospective

As we move into the next year, the Asia Program would like to thank all of our speakers, writers, scholars, and supporters who have helped us make 2014 so successful.  We are especially grateful to the writers have worked with us this year on our publications, covering a range of topics from energy crises in both Pakistan and India, the negotiation of the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, and the changing relationships and "rebalancing" in Northeast Asia.

Australia and the Bomb

Right up until 1973, Australia made serious efforts to acquire nuclear weapons, but it gave up these attempts once the Asia-Pacific became more stable. We are once again at a critical juncture in the Asia-Pacific, with major powers jockeying for power. Nuclear strategy, extended deterrence, and proliferation have risen to the top of the policy agenda in the region, generating sharp debate even in Australia. The historical origins of the Asian nuclear landscape have profound consequences for contemporary policy regarding US extended deterrence and proliferation by allies.