Brazil's Energy Sector

We Are Committed to Restoring Confidence in Brazil and Its Institutions: Vice President Hamilton Mourão's Remarks at the Wilson Center

A transcript of the event with Vice President Hamilton Mourão of Brazil at the Wilson Center on April 9, 2019 (available for download below).

Brazilian Navy Officer Receives UN Gender Advocate Award, Shows Why Women Peacekeepers Matter

On March 29, Brazilian Lieutenant Commander Marcia Andrade Braga received the United Nations (UN) Military Gender Advocate of the Year Award for her outstanding work to increase gender awareness within her peacekeeping mission and for driving constructive engagement with local communities and female leaders.*

Event Summary: The Aftermath of President Bolsonaro’s Visit to Washington and Prospects for Economic Reform

President Jair Bolsonaro wrapped up his first official visit to Washington as president yesterday, as his government looks to fulfill its promise of strengthening relations with the United States. Yet one of the most promising areas of bilateral dialogue—economic and commercial relations, including greater U.S. investment in Brazil—will depend heavily on the new government’s capacity to deliver much-needed reforms at home, particularly the approval of meaningful pension reform in the Brazilian National Congress.

A Conversation with His Excellency Hamilton Mourão, Vice President of the Republic of Brazil

The first 100 days of the Bolsonaro administration have been marked by political paralysis, in large part due to the successive crises generated by the President’s own inner circle, if not by himself. Amidst the political noise, Vice President Hamilton Mourão has emerged as a voice of reason and moderation, capable of providing direction in domestic and foreign affairs alike.