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How Brazil Measures up to Latin America’s Biggest Economies

Assessing Latin America as a monolith is a terrible mistake. Besides being extremely diverse in cultural, social, and even political terms, the region's economic aggregates often hide significant country differences. Average results are pulled by a handful of larger economies which perform as outliers in a region filled with smaller markets.

Femicide Hits All-Time High in Brazil

While latest crime statistics from Brazil have shown an encouraging reduction in murder rates, trends of violence against women remain worrying. Violent deaths fell 10.8 percent nationwide in 2018, but femicide cases increased 4 percent in the same period.

Femicide differs from murder, as the female victims are killed due to their gender, often involving domestic violence. Meanwhile, rape and domestic violence figures have also increased.

What to Expect from Brazilian Agriculture in 2019–2020

Agriculture has always been a massive contributor to the Brazilian economy, a relationship that has become even stronger since the economic recession. In 2019, however, agricultural activity appears to have slowed down, underscoring the sluggish scenario of the overall Brazilian economy.

Do Brazilians Believe in Democracy?

U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs Holds Hearing on Amazon Forest Fires

This recent increase in slash-and-burn deforestation and forest fires—highlighted in national and international media—is largely the result of weakened environmental protections and reduced enforcement. 

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