Bots in Brazil: The Activity of Social Media Bots in Brazilian Elections

Over the last decade, the advent of social media has transformed the way that the electorate interacts with the political system in Brazil. New political movements such as Agora! and Acredito have relied heavily on social media to gather support. Likewise, policymakers and politicians are more able than ever before to communicate directly with voters.

Fiscal Issues - Brazil 2018 Understanding the Issues

One of the most important issues in the 2018 elections is Brazil’s worrisome fiscal condition. At a basic level, Brazil’s fiscal challenge stems from the government’s inability to keep expenditures lower than revenue. This is partially due to a problematic pension system.

Human Rights - Brazil 2018 Understanding the Issues

Brazil is a party to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is committed to guaranteeing equality, dignity, and freedom for all people. Despite being a signatory, the domestic conditions for human rights are far from ideal in Brazil.

Environmental Concerns - Brazil 2018 Understanding the Issues

Brazil, a country of continental proportion with large reserves of biodiversity and an extensive hydrologic system, has a complex environmental architecture with unique challenges. Brazil is home to 60 percent of the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon. However, despite the forest’s importance as a biodiversity hub and a carbon sink, its deforestation levels are approaching a critical point of no return.

Anti-Corruption Efforts - Brazil 2018 Understanding the Issues

Many countries around the world struggle with corruption and its impacts on society, including economic problems, social inequality and violence, and public distrust in government. Corruption remains more prevalent in emerging countries due to obstacles like impunity, insufficient oversight, and widespread patronage.

Public Security - Brazil 2018 Understanding the Issues

In 2018, much of the discussion surrounding public security in Brazil has centered on Rio de Janeiro. The debate concerning the federal military intervention in Rio due to security issues—in addition to the international and domestic coverage of the assassination of local council woman Marielle Franco—have made the city the “face” of public security issues in Brazil. However, problems of public security and violence are systemic in Brazil, and extend far beyond the limits of Rio de Janeiro.

About the Election Portal - Brazil 2018

Welcome to the Brazil Institute’s 2018 Brazilian Election Portal! The portal serves as a one-stop hub for information about the upcoming Brazilian general elections, with a specific focus on the presidential elections.

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Relatório do Workshop | Os desafios do Estado administrativo contemporâneo: Brasil e os Estados Unidos em perspectiva comparativa

O Brasil e os Estados Unidos estão atualmente no meio de crises dos seus respectivos Estados administrativos. Ainda que a natureza e origem das crises sejam diferentes, muito pode ser aprendido com uma análise comparativa entre os dois países nesse momento de incerteza.

Workshop Report | The Challenges of the Contemporary Administrative State: Brazil and the United States in Comparative Perspective