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Making it a Priority: Adolescents’ Health and Rights

“Adolescence is a time to support young peoples’ access to information, to education, to skills and to services that can result in a healthy and safe transition into adulthood,” said Sarah Barnes, Project Director of the Maternal Health Initiative, at a recent Wilson Center event on engaging youth and protecting their sexual and reproductive health and rights. “It’s time to make adolescents a priority,” said Barnes.

North Korea and Grenada: Unlikely Allies United by Anti-Imperialism, 1979-1983

During the Cold War era, North Korean leader Kim Il Sung saw the world as divided between small and big countries. According to Kim, the big countries, especially the United States, used the small countries in an exploitative fashion and engaged in ruthless imperialism.

Former Wilson Center Fellow Tim Golden Nominated for Emmy Award for the Film Elián

Former Wilson Center fellow Tim Golden has been nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy Award for co-directing and writing the investigative documentary Elián. The documentary, which had its first screening in Washington, DC at the Wilson Center, follows the story of the custody battle for Elián González.

Stewardess as Aerial Ambassador: What Gender Can Reveal about U.S.-Jamaican Foreign Relations

When the new Air Jamaica took flight on April 1, 1969, Kingston’s Daily Gleaner newspaper published an eight-page special section, hailing the new country’s first foray into flight as a major step towards a more modern future. The new jets, though American-built, would be managed by Jamaican executives, maintained by Jamaican mechanics, and flown by Jamaican pilots—partly at first, before full “Jamaicanization” would come about.

Cuba and the OAS: A Story of Dramatic Fallout and Reconciliation

Documents from the Organization of American States and Havana’s archives show the regional body mediating between the US and Cuba

Resilience in the Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Areas of the Caribbean and United States have been devastated by Hurricane Irma.  Roger-Mark De Souza discusses how island nations and coastal communities are dealing with the aftermath and what can be done to ensure these regions have greater resilience in the face of stronger storms and natural disasters. That’s the focus of this edition of Wilson Center NOW.