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USG's Support for Free and Transparent Elections in the DRC

Ambassador James F. Entwistle, U.S. Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, U.S. State Department;

Steve McDonald, Director of the Africa Program and Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity, The Wilson Center;

Almami I. Cyllah, Regional Director of Africa, International Foundation for Electoral Systems;

David Pottie, Associate Director for the Democracy Program, The Carter Center


Certification: The Path to Conflict-Free Minerals from Congo

The conflict minerals movement is gaining traction. The movement is a pragmatic effort to address one of the principal drivers of atrocities and conflict throughout Congo’s tortured history: the scramble for control of Congo's vast mineral resources. In eastern Congo today, these mineral resources are financing multiple armed groups, many of whom use mass rape as a deliberate strategy to intimidate and control local populations.