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Central Africa

Private Country Consultations and Working Group Meetings

The Africa Program periodically hosts closed door and invitation-only meetings where specific countries and the timely issues confronting those countries are roundly addressed and analyzed by experts, academics, representives from the government, NGO community, and private industry.  These meetings operate under Chatham House Rules and commentary from participants go unattibuted.  The Africa Program regularly assembles country working groups on Sudan, Sierra Leone, the Niger Delta, and Burundi.

Burundi: Prospects and Plans for 2011 and Beyond

H.E. Pierre Nkurunziza, President of the Republic of Burundi discussed his initiatives to pull the country out of a troubled and restive post–conflict era and to create both a political and economic environment necessary to bolster investment, trade, and support from the international community. 

Fairness and Transparency in Cameroon's Next Presidential Election

H.E. PROF. GHOGOMU PAUL MINGO, Minister/Director of Cabinet in the Office of the Prime Minister, Republic of Cameroon;

DR. FONKAM SAMUEL AZU'U, Chairman of the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon (ELECAM);

PROF. FABIEN NKOT, Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister, Republic of Cameroon

ALEXIS ARIEFF, Africa Analyst, Congressional Research Service