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China Update: Taiwan’s Election and the “Phase One” Trade Deal

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we speak with the Wilson Center’s Robert Daly on the latest in US-China relations after the signing of a “phase one” trade deal between the two nations.  Daly also discusses the implications of Taiwan’s reelection of President Tsai Ing-wen, who received the highest vote share by a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate in a presidential election.


China and the South China Sea

Southeast Asia is bound to China by geography. Viewed from China, the region is a southern appendage to China, one fragmented into a number of relatively small countries. Ethnographers believe all the major long-established populations in that region originally migrated from China – pushed south over millennia by the expanding numbers of the Han people. Some of those populations, notably the Thai, retain a close affinity to China because substantial numbers of their coethnics still live in southern China.

On the Horizon | What to Expect in 2020 Wilson Center Experts Weigh In

In a world marked by complexity, volatility, and a din of competing agendas, the Wilson Center is the nation’s indispensable resource for decoding today’s most pressing foreign policy challenges. Leveraging its global expertise and perspective, award-winning scholarship and analysis, and a fiercely nonpartisan spirit, the Center informs actionable ideas for policymakers across the political spectrum.

The Middle Kingdom at Center Stage: China's Past and Future Growth Strategy

Over the past 40 years, no issue has been covered by the global press more avidly than China’s economy. Only Middle East tensions and the march of technology have garnered as much attention.

Uighur Human Rights Policy Act and China’s Xinjiang Region

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we speak with the Kissinger Institute’s Schwarzman Fellow Bradley Jardine who discusses China’s government crackdown on the Uighurs in the Xinjiang Region of western China.  He also discusses how Europe and the United States are responding to increased repression in the region by Xi Jinping’s government.


What to Look for in 2020: The Year Ahead in Asia

Alliances in Crisis

A Question of Attainability: States of Grand Strategy in the United States and China - Event Recap

Grand strategy, or the combined mobilization of military, diplomatic, political, and economic capabilities to achieve overarching national interests, is usually a clear indicator of country’s long-term plans.

Entre el Águila y el Dragón

Luis Miguel Hincapie