China Mainland

U.S. China 2018 Year in Review: A New Cold War?

As bilateral relations deteriorated over 2018, Chinese and Americans searched for new analogies to frame a more adversarial relationship. Asian op-eds and American leadership vied to christen the post-Engagement era.

China's Growing Arctic Presence

Since gaining the status of Observer to the Arctic Council in 2013, China has been making strides in increasing its Arctic presence. The vital role of a blue water Arctic in the future of geopolitics and global commerce is underscored in a remark made by Li Zhenfu of Dalian Maritime University who said, “Whoever has control over the Arctic route will control the new passage of world economics and international strategies.”

China's Soft Power

The dramatic rise of China as a global power with immense geopolitical ambitions has been a largely economic and military story.  Until recently, the one component largely missing from China’s arsenal has been “soft power”–instruments of persuasion and cultural/intellectual influence.  That is no longer the case, but soft power as currently employed by Beijing has a distinctly hard edge.

Taiwan’s Diplomatic Ties 'Tumble Like Dominoes'

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW, Latin American Program Public Policy Fellow, Jorge Heine discusses the increasing diplomatic isolation of Taiwan as Beijing continues to push its “One China” principle and the mainland’s global economic clout continues to grow.