The Regional Cold Wars in Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East: Crucial Periods and Turning Points

This book systematically explores the mutual interconnections of events in diverse regional Cold War theaters—both the horizontal connections between regions and the vertical connections of each regional conflict to the global Cold War. “How do we understand the Cold War,” writes the editor, Lorenz Lüthi, “if from one direction, we narrow the focus of inquiry from the superpower conflict to the level of regional struggles, and widen the focus from individual country case studies to the subsystemic level of the Cold War?”

Security Policy in Sinai: Common Interests or a Collective Failure?

Ismail Alexandrani is a Visiting Arab Journalist, Woodrow Wilson Center, as well as aninvestigative journalist, socio-political researcher, and expert in Sinai affairs. He discussed the history of the Sinai peninsula and the the current security situtation. 

Saudi Arabia Forms a Pan-Arab Sunni Alliance Against the Houthis
















In Bahrain, Arab Spring Hopes Are Freezing Over

On the fourth anniversary of protests aimed at reforming Bahrain’s autocratic monarchy, recent events—including 72 people being stripped of citizenship for “harming the interests of the Kingdom”—underscore a worrisome trend: The rights of people in the Middle East are shrinking rather than expanding.

Washington: The Wrong City at the Right Time

There’s only one thing wrong with the White House summit on countering extremism and violence that’s taking place in Washington, D.C., this week. It’s being held in the wrong city.

The Algerian Revolution and the Communist Bloc

CWIHP e-Dossier No. 62

The Algerian Revolution and the Communist Bloc: Evidence from the Algerian National Archives


by Pierre Asselin, Professor of History, Hawaii Pacific University
February 2015


A Year of Crisis: The Middle East in 2015

Four experts explored the crises facing the Middle East in 2015, the involvement of the United States in the region, and the trajectory of Middle Eastern states.

The Arab Spring in 2015: RIP?

After four years of the phenomenon once optimistically dubbed the Arab Spring, the changes that have roiled those lands seem to have validated Robert Penn Warren’s quip that history, like nature, rarely jumps–and when it does, it usually jumps backward.

Underplayed Conflicts of 2014

I have spent my life covering wars, revolutions, and uprisings—more than forty years’ worth of them now. As I looked through annual rundowns of the Big Stories of 2014, I found three types of conflicts that were not on many lists but should be. Each, for different reasons, represents a trend worth paying attention to.

1. The Soft Conflicts.