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Islamists Under Fire

            In stark contrast to the euphoria after elections more than two years ago, Islamist political parties across the Middle East now face escalating challenges to their rule. The main drama is playing out in Egypt between the army and the Muslim Brotherhood. But Islamist parties in Tunisia, Libya, Morocco and Gaza are also under pressure from emboldened opposition movements. The question across North Africa particularly is whether political Islam is ebbing. 

Egypt’s New Constitution: Step Forward or Step Back?

With the referendum on the new Constitution set for January 14/15, Egypt is at another critical juncture in its political transition.

In this Ground Truth Briefing, experts discuss the new Constitution, political developments on the ground, and the U.S.-Egyptian relationship.

A Dream Constitution

One year ago, Egypt was marred by a democratically-elected, autocratic, theocratic president and a deeply flawed constitution. Looking back at the past six months, the fact that Egypt was given a second lease on life and a chance to rewrite the constitution seems like a fairy tale. Is our new constitution a dream constitution? More importantly, could it be a dream that will not come true?



The Egyptian Constitution: Mapping Where Power Lies

The draft of the Egyptian constitution, which will shortly be submitted to a referendum, is largely an aspirational document painting a picture of Egypt as a modern, progressive welfare state—an unattainable goal for the bankrupt country. But the constitution also provides an accurate map of power distribution in the country.






America Has Nowhere to Go on Egypt

Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent visit to Cairo and his seeming endorsement of the military rulers there have drawn withering criticism from across the political spectrum. Neoconservatives and liberal interventionists have blasted the White House for its failure to stand up for democratic principles and for the lack of clarity in its policy toward Egypt.

The United States government has succeeded in alienating just about every element in Egypt’s political constellation: Islamists, liberals, the military and much of Egypt’s public, too. This is no easy feat.

The Military vs. the Islamists

Four months after the military ousted President Mohammed Morsi, what is the status of political Islam in Egypt? Who is out? Who is in? And are the Islamists still a political force?

Egypt in Crisis

Charlie Sennott, Vice President, Editor at Large, and co-founder of GlobalPost, discussed the current challenges facing Egypt following the overthrow of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

On November 15, 2013, the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center held a meeting “Egypt in Crisis” with Sennott. Robert Litwak, Vice President of Scholars and Director of International Security Studies at the Wilson Center, moderated the event. Litwak provided opening remarks highlighting Sennott’s experience in journalism.

CANCELED: Egypt After the Roadmap

Ziada focuses on future steps and what Egypt needs to do most in the upcoming years to guarantee inclusion of women and youth, proper representation of all factions, transitional justice, and the role of military vs. state institutions.