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The Right Honourable Catherine Ashton in Conversation with the Honorable Nasser Judeh

Join us for a conversation with Baroness Cathy Ashton, former EU Representative for Foreign Affairs and current member of the Britsh House of Lords, and the Honorable Nasser Judeh, Senator in Jordan's Parliament and former Foreign Minister, on the present and future of Euro-Mideast relations. Europe has a rich historical relationship with the Middle East; marked by shared values and common interests in maintaining peace and security in the region as well as promoting mutually beneficial socio-economic policies.

Auschwitz’s Cold War Shadow: Eva Kor’s Life and Josef Mengele’s Death

FUGITIVE: Josef Mengele, from left,  Nazi Party membership application, Berlin, 1937; German passport photo, Buenos Aires, 1956; Argentine identity card, Asuncion, Paraguay, 1959 Images courtesy San Diego State University Network TV News Research Archive.

By age 85, Eva Kor had lived 75 years after suffering the most horrible moment of her life: the gruesome medical experiments forced on her and her 10-year-old twin sister, Miriam, by a Nazi doctor at Auschwitz, the German World War II death camp.

Acting Independently: The Vietnam War and the Roots of Sweden’s Foreign Policy

Image: Swedish leader Olof Palme demonstrates against the war with the North Vietnamese ambassador to Moscow during a a torchlight march, February 1968. Source: Public Domain. Arbetarrörelsens arkiv, via WikiCommons.

From roughly the mid-1960s until the fall of Saigon in 1975, Sweden publicly opposed the United States’ war in Southeast Asia.

Responses to the INF Treaty Crisis

The Nuclear Proliferation International History Project is pleased to present the final report from the European INF Initiative Project. Coordinated by Polina Sinovets and colleagues and staff at the Odessa Center for Non-Proliferation and supported by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, the report contains a country-by-country assessment of the European governments' reactions to the INF treaty crisis.

New Documentary Release on Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty

New documents released to A. Ross Johnson by the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel provide additional information on the relationship of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty to the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1950s and 1960s.