NAFTA and European Investors: Impacts across the Atlantic

The Wilson Center's Canada and Mexico Institutes and the Global Europe Program invite you to a discussion about the European perspective on the North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiation.

European Joint Programming Initiatives – Opportunities for U.S.- EU Research Collaboration on Societal Challenges

This workshop and reception will feature U.S. federal funding agencies (NSF, USDA, EPA, and NOAA) together with European Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs). JPIs are EU Member States driven initiatives in which EU national funding agencies join forces and coordinate efforts to fund research for tackling global societal challenges jointly. The workshop that will cover topics of antimicrobial resistance, water, health, marine, agriculture, and climate is a follow-up of an event that took place in Brussels in November 2016.

Kennan Cable No. 29: U.S. Sanctions Law and Western Coordination on Russia Policy

The United States and the European Union have coordinated their sanctions against Russia for more than three years. In July 2017 the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly passed additional sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea that were signed into law by President Trump on August 2. The legislation was drafted in the context of the alleged Russian interference in the U.S.

The Catalan Crisis: Implications for Spain and Beyond

Catalonia’s unconstitutional October referendum and its subsequent unilateral declaration of independence brought the secessionist cause into the international spotlight. Fast forward to today, when several members of the Catalan government await trial in Spain and the fate of former regional President Carles Puigdemont, currently in Belgium, remains uncertain.