Korea in the Bulgarian Archives

Announcing the initial results of a multilateral research and educational project on Korea-East European relations

In December 2014, several institutions in Korea and Europe launched a multilateral project to identify, digitize, and eventually publish archival sources from Eastern Europe relevant to the histories of North and South Korea. With the support of the National Research Foundation of Korea, (NRF-2014S1A5B4063341), Sungkyunkwan University and Sofia University began to explore state records in Bulgaria related to Korean history since 1945.

Film France TV: Genome-Editing, Perils and Promises

From computer code to genetic code… From electronic circuits to genetic circuits… This is the age of Life Engineers who program bacteria just like we program a computer, using DNA, the “software of life”.

Eleonore Pauwels, Director of Biology Collectives, Senior Program Associate and Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, is intrigued by the speed at which this techno-science is developing. How do we we anticipate problems linked to biosafety, biosecurity and ownership of the tools that allow us to edit our genomes?

Balkan Update, From Belgrade's Security Forum into an Insecure 2017

John Lampe reviews the promising prospects from this past October's Balkan Security Forum that he attended and reconsiders them  in the light of recent events across the region.  

"Democracy's Survival in the New Global Disorder" started with a constructive exchange between the Prime Ministers of Serbia and Albania, the two common themes were keeping regional security grounded in the NATO alliance and pursuing the process of EU accession even if there was no immediate prospect of membership.