Bravo France: Macron Cabinet Represents Important Step Forward for Women in Public Service

French President Emmanuel Macron introduced his new cabinet, and consistent with campaign promises, the group is comprised of 50 percent women. Women in Public Service Project Director, Gwen Young sees this as an important step forward and says, “Bravo France.”

The Swiss Witnesses to China’s Cultural Revolution

Horrified by the actions of Beijing’s Red Guards, Swiss diplomats drew comparisons between Mao’s revolution and Nazi Germany.

Switzerland probably does not come to mind when considering China’s Cultural Revolution, but the Swiss had a unique standing with Beijing in the lead up to and during this tumultuous period.

The EU Confronts the Contradictions of France’s New Deal and BREXIT

The election of President Emmanuel Macron opens the opportunity to reform aspects of the European Union, including the Euro Zone.   In contrast, a majority of voters in the United Kingdom voted to reject the reforms that Prime Minister David Cameron had achieved and leave the EU.

North Korea and the East German Stasi, 1987-1989

The archives of the East German Stasi feature revelations about North Korea’s intelligence services and international relations at the end of the Cold War

Although the archives of the former Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc have revealed much about North Korea’s foreign policies and the country’s domestic conditions, these sources tell us very little about North Korea’s international intelligence cooperation, its domestic intelligence services, or its military structures and practices.

What the French elections mean for France, Europe and the United States

The French presidential elections have continually defied expectations.  Will the wave of right wing populism that has swept through the Western world, as reflected by Brexit and the Trump election, culminate in a Le Pen victory?  What would a Macron victory mean?

The Turkish Referendum: European and American Responses


Selected Quotes


Henri J. Barkey

Turkey Will Never Be the Same After This Vote

On April 16, Turkish voters will be casting votes in the most consequential referendum of modern Turkish history. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) are urging Turks to vote “yes” to constitutional changes that will change Turkey from a parliamentary system to a presidential one.

Book Launch | Konrad Wolf – But I Saw It Myself, This is the War: War Diary and Letters, 1942-1945

Konrad Wolf (1925-1982), renowned film director and longtime president of the East Germany’s Academy of Arts, left behind an extraordinary collection of historical documents: his War Journal. In three small notebooks of tightly written handwriting, the journal details his early years as a young man and solider enlisted in Soviet Russia’s Red Army (1943-1945).

TED Video: The Promise and Perils of DNA Editing

Today, we start envisioning the possibility to edit diseases like cancer out of our genome. But ethics and policy expert Eleonore Pauwels is urging researchers, doctors and policymakers to think together about how to design the best safety and governance mechanisms before they leap into a promising but somewhat uncertain technological future.