France’s Long Reconstruction: In Search of the Modern Republic

Historian Herrick Chapman explores how the French, in reconstructing their country after World War II, sought to combine a top-down modernization drive with a rejuvenation of democracy.  Just what form this new France should take remained the burning question at the central of political combat until the end of the Algerian war.  Chapman argues that by the 1960s Fran

What Defines An Archive? Ask a Jewel Thief

Klaus Barbie, World War II Gestapo Chief in Lyon, France, admitted wartime atrocities in audio tapes uncovered by ABC News after his arrest in 1983.

Thirty-four years ago this month, on August 16, 1983, the United States Government issued a formal apology to the government and people of France. It came with a shocking admission.

Bravo France: Macron Cabinet Represents Important Step Forward for Women in Public Service

French President Emmanuel Macron introduced his new cabinet, and consistent with campaign promises, the group is comprised of 50 percent women. Women in Public Service Project Director, Gwen Young sees this as an important step forward and says, “Bravo France.”

Macron Wins: What’s Next for France?

The French election is over, but the task of building a government and moving France forward has just begun for Emmanuel Macron. With the populism represented by Marine Le Pen rejected, for now, what’s next for France and the EU? Can the newcomer Macron provide the vision for which his country and the European alliance is searching? We asked Wilson Fellow Steven Kramer to help us understand the election and its implications for France just days into the Macron presidency. That’s the focus of this edition of Wilson Center NOW.



Moscow’s Main Agent Is Hype

In an election seen by many in Europe as a referendum of sorts on the future of a united Europe, Russia openly embraced the anti-EU side, France’s far-right Front National (FN), led by Marine Le Pen. And lost, or so it seems.

What the French elections mean for France, Europe and the United States

The French presidential elections have continually defied expectations.  Will the wave of right wing populism that has swept through the Western world, as reflected by Brexit and the Trump election, culminate in a Le Pen victory?  What would a Macron victory mean?

France in an Era of Transatlantic Uncertainty

In a decisive election year, will France’s resilience contribute to stopping the looming unraveling of the West? Leading French historian Frédéric Bozo and Georgetown University professor, Dr. Charles A. Kupchan discuss France’s international role in an era of transatlantic uncertainty, Europe’s ongoing crisis, and the country’s domestic challenges. The two will discuss Dr.

The Future of FTAs: Reconciling Free Trade and Sustainable Development

Earlier this summer, the German trade minister Sigmar Gabriel declared the negotiation on the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) as failed and not worthy of being continued. French president François Hollande declared he would urge the EU to put an end to negotiations on the agreement and criticized the lack of flexibility of the American counterparts during discussions on public procurement, social standards and environmental protection. On this side of the Atlantic, both presidential candidates have expressed concerns about negotiations on free trade agreements.