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The Strategic Triangle: France, Germany, and the United States in the Shaping of the New Europe

France is Germany’s most important partner in the process of European integration. The United States was long Germany’s protector but now is the power balancing Germany’s in Europe. And the Franco-American relationship, though less prominent than the other two, has a great impact on both of them.

Nazi Surrender: Russian Radio Coverage (10:50)

BBC: U.S./Russian Armies Meet at Elbe, 4/26/1945 (1:04)

BBC: Russians Surround Berlin, 4/25/1945 (1:48)

BBC: Red Army at Elbe April 1945. Eyewitnesses (3:23)

BBC: Siege of Stalingrad, 2/9/1943 (4:32)

BBC: Siege of Leningrad Lifted, 12/19/1942 (1:36)

BBC: Siege of Leningrad, From Moscow 12/3/1942 (2:44)

Churchill: Nazi Attack USSR, 6/22/1941 (3:38)