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The View from the Bus: Rethinking Cities through Performance


Bold Dialog Needed in Budapest

The new U.S. Ambassador to Hungary arrived in Budapest after an 18-month hiatus in American diplomatic presence on the highest level. Colleen Bradley Bell, a television producer (most notably of the wildly successful The Bold and the Beautiful) turned political appointee, has a considerable task in representing American and transatlantic interests and defending common Western values.

Russia's Far Right and Far Left Friends in Europe

In recent years Russia has shown a growing interest in East European far-right parties. Now Russia, as Political Capital Institute research demonstrates, is increasingly involving itself with far-right and far-left parties of Western Europe as well. At a time of political and economic crisis some European political forces have become particularly receptive to Russia’s new conservative, increasingly nationalist message.

The Roma and Human Rights: Challenges and Goals in 2014 – Lessons from the Past, Eyes to the Future

This is one in a series of events sponsored in collaboration with the Ratiu Family Foundation.

Summer Research Grant Competition

Deadline: Applications for the Summer Research Scholarships must be received by March 1, 2014. Applicants will be notified approximately one month later.